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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Eastern European media changes newsletter 85

Polish medical journal Puls Medycyny with a new editor

Małgorzata Konaszczuk has been appointed editor-in-chief of Polish medical bi-weekly magazine Puls Medycyny. The magazine is published by Bonnier Business Polska with 24,000 circulation.The editorial team can be reached at and Małgorzata Konaszczuk at Medicine Pulse covers latest trends, legal and marketing news in the management and development of public and private healthcare.

 Editorial changes at Czech Ringier Axel Springer

Czech publisher Ringier Axel Springer has appointed Radek Lain editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Blesk. He starts at the title on May 1, 2013. Blesk is a national tabloid daily in the Czech Republic. The editorial team of the newspaper can be contacted on

Pavel Šafr has become the editor-in-chief of Reflex magazine. Ivan Hamšík has left his position of editor of Reflex magazine to lead the department for the development of new projects of Ringier Axel Springer. Reflex is a weekly political and cultural magazine covering society and social issues with 56,000 circulation. The editorial team of Reflex can be reached at


 A new online editor joined Russian RIA Novosti

 Ilya Bulavinov has been appointed editor of Russian website RIA Novosti ( Prior to this Ilya Bulavinov was a deputy editor-in-chief of Kommersant newspaper. RIA Novosti online is a website of Russian news and Information Agency RIA Novosti.


  New director of Serbian TV station Prva Srpska Televizija

 Dragan Nenadović has been appointed director of Serbian TV station Prva Srpska Televizija. The TV station was launched in 2010 and has around 20% of audience in Serbia tuning in. (

A new fashion publication in Kazakhstan

Russian magazine Ya Pokupayu Shopping Guide has come to Kazakhstan with 25,000 circulation. The editorial team is lead by editorial director Olga Kotova.

Czech magazine's update

Jana Víšková has become the editor of Czech weekly magazine Instinkt. The magazine is published by Empresa Media, a.s. Facebook: The magazine's editorial team can be contacted on

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