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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Media Focus Georgia

Media Focus on Georgian Business magazine Business Time Georgia

Our media focus today is on Georgian business magazine Business Time Georgia, which was launched in spring 2011. Business Time Georgia is one of few new print magazine starts in Georgia and Caucasus more

Published on 30 August 2011 at

Friday, 26 August 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 52

Just Marketing - a new marketing magazine in Russia

Russian publisher Delovye Media has launched a marketing industry bi-monthly magazine Just Marketing with 120 pages.

The Editor-in-Chief Tatiana Suyuchbakieva can be contacted on and the FPC advertising is available for 44500.00 RUR.

Czech Forbes editorial team getting bigger

The first issue of Czech edition of Forbes is expected to appear in November.

This month Daniel Docekal has joined the magazine as the Technology, IT and New Media Editor.

Previously its Editor-in-Chief Petr Simunek welcomed his former colleagues from Hospodarske noviny Irena Zemanova and Jiri Nadoba, who will cover culture and economics respectively. Both have working experience from Hospodarske noviny - Irena as a Culture Editor and Jiri as a Chief Editor.

Editorial changes at Czech economics magazine Ekonom

Ondrej Neumann will take over as Chief Editor of Czech economics magazine Ekonom after Eva Hanakova leaves the publication on August 31.

Neumann joins the magazine from the business newspaper Hospodarske noviny

Ondrej Neumann can be reached at

Polish lifestyle magazine Przekroj with a new Editor

Donat Szyller has been appointed Editor of Polish cultural and lifestyle magazine Przekroj. Prior to this Szyller has been the Deputy Editor at the same publication and has taken over as Editor after Artur Rumianek left to join the publishing house Gremi Media in September.

Donat Szyller and his new Deputy Editor Piotr Witek can be contacted on

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Russian publisher Vokrug Sveta starts a new popular science magazine

The first issue of Russian magazine Nauka v Fokuse will appear in September on 124 pages. It is produced on the license of the British BBC Focus magazine.
It will cover scientific discoveries and new technologies in astrophysics, archeology and geology, genetics and other aspects of sciences.

Yegor Bykovsky leads the editorial team and can be contacted on

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Saturday, 20 August 2011


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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 51

Director of Russian regional shopping guide Ya pokupayu. Nizhniy Novgorod. steps down

The director of the shopping guide in Nizhniy Novgorod Ekaterina Chudakova has left her position to pursue her own business career. A new director will be appointed shortly.

The publication covers main events and trends in the world of fashion, beauty and other aspects of stylish living. It is published monthly with 12,000 copies' circulation by ABAK-Press publishing house.

The editorial team still can be reached at

A new cookery magazine in Poland

Polish publisher Edipresse Polska has started a cookery magazine Smaczna Kuchnia Pani Domu.

Smaczna Kuchnia Pani Domu appears with 45,000 copies' circulation on 68 pages.
The magazine offers recipes with seasonal ingredients, traditional and regional cuisines, expert advice, product information and news.

The editor Urzula Zubczynka can be contacted on

Russian business with a new editor

Andrey Goryanov started as Editor of Russian business publication on August 15. Only in July 2011 he joined the online publication as a deputy editor. Prior to this he was the former chief editor of Finance magazine.

The previous editor Yury Saprykin has moved on to join a joint editorial team of Afisha and Rambler.

The new editor of and the editorial team can be reached at provides business news on the state of Russian economics, politics and technologies.

A start of a digital motoring magazine in Russia

Russian publisher Future Media Group has launched a new free digital motoring Traffic magazine at

Its editor Chermen Dzogoev can be contacted on

Traffic magazine is a monthly electronic publication about cars on 50 pages.
The full page (640x800) costs 150000.00 RUR.

A new lifestyle magazine will appear in Czech Republic soon

The first issue of Kondice will be published by Publishing Easy on Thursday, September 22.

It will cover health, beauty, psychology, gourmet foods, parenting, fitness and dieting.
It is expected to have initial circulation of 50,000 copies and will have 108 pages.
So far it has been available only as Internet magazine at

Its Chief Editor is Lucie Frydecka and she can be reached at

The publisher Patricie Linek Honslova is available for contacts on

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 50

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Two Russian retail magazines shut down

Two Russian magazines Trade equipment in Russia and Restaurant Technologies have ceased due to poor performance recently. They were Russian B2B publications targeting professional community with trade information. They were published by the Russian publisher Delovoy Mir.

Russian Top Gear magazine without the Editor

The editor of Russian Top Gear Nikolai Kachurin died at the beginning of August. He has been the editor of the magazine since its start in 2004.

Russian edition of Top Gear is published by Parlan with 35,000 copies' circulation.
Its editorial team can be reached at

Anna Burashova has left Russian TV guide Telenedelya

The Chief Editor Anna Burashova has left the weekly magazine Telenedelya to pursue her own projects. Her editorial duties have been taken over by the Deputy Editor Alexander Lukyanov.

Telenedelya is published in Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan with 1,200,000 copies' circulation. The editorial team can be reached at

Polish luxury women's magazine with a new Deputy Editor

Izabela Komendolowicz has been appointed a new Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Polish magazine Pani.

She has replaced Katarzyna Olkowicz on this position, who left to edit Polish Zwierciadlo magazine.

Pani is a monthly magazine published by Bauer Media Poland with 142,000 copies' circulation.

The editorial team can be contacted on

Serbian Color Press Group launched a new celebs magazine

A new celebrities magazine Star has appeared in Serbia, published by Color Press Group. It is published on the license of British Northern & Shell Titles Limited.
It covers entertainment, shopping, bodycare, cosmetics, international stars on 64 pages.