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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 68

Russian business radio station Finam FM with a new editor

Ekaterina Romanova has become a new director/editor-in-chief of Russian Finam FM radio station, after its founder and director Oleg Romanov left the station.

Finam FM started broadcasting in 2008 with business news and classic rock. Ekaterina Romanova and the editorial team can be contacted on

Russian Playboy welcomes a new editor-in-chief

Russian publishing house Burda has appointed Alexey Korolev the editor-in-chief of Russian edition of Playboy magazine. He has replaced Vlad Ivanenko on this position, who will concentrate on Ukrainian edition of Playboy magazine.

Russian Playboy comes out monthly since 2002. Korolev and the editorial team can be reached at

Editorial changes at Czech weekly magazine Tyden

Martin Hekrdla has recently joined Czech magazine Tyden as its commentator, Josef Kolina is responsible now for the coverage of transport issues, and Jakub Kalensky covers home affairs, politics and current news. Prior to this Jakub Kalensky has worked at Lidove noviny, Hospodarske noviny and Czech TV.
Josef Kolina has also moved on from Lidove Noviny, where he has written about motoring and transport. Martin Hekrdla has written in the past for Listy, ZN Noviny and has been a poltical commentator at Pravo.

Please check out our for full details on editorial contacts.

A new volleyball magazine on Polish market

A new Polish monthly volleyball magazine called Nowa Siatkowka will be launched next week with 10,000 copies. At the moment they can be found on Facebook at

It will be published by the publishing house Sport and the editorial team will be led by Agnieszka Garbacik.

The UK magazine Granta comes to Bulgaria

First issue of a literature magazine Granta Bulgaria will be published in Bulgaria in May 2012 and will be edited by Svetlozar Zhelev.
The magazine will also contain works of contemporary Bulgarian writers. The magazine can be currently found on Facebook on The director and editor-in-chief Svetlozar Zhelev can be contacted on

Ukrainian magazine Elle has got its own website

The Ukrainian website for the Elle magazine launched on March 1.

The website contains fashion news and beauty trends of the season, reports from the fashion weeks, beauty-and-shopping, reviews, video shows, backstage, exclusive photo shoots, parties and celebrities, cultural events and travel.

Anna Medvedeva, the director of the online project, can be reached at

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 67

Russian national weekly Delovoy Vtornik has been re-named for Novy Vtornik

The newspaper covers the current social, political and economic issues, and what is happening in the country.

New Tuesday comes out as supplement to regional newspapers, and focuses on quality journalism covering various topics.
The newspaper is published in all eight federal regions of Russian Federation with the circulation of 550,000 copies per week.

Its editor Leonid Arikh and the editorial team can be reached at

Editorial changes at Czech economics weekly magazine

Lukas Kovanda has been recently appointed Deputy Editor at Czech economics weekly Profit. He has moved from his position of chief economics analyst at weekly magazine Tyden.

Profit comes out weekly with the audited circulation of 20,467 copies.

The editorial team of the magazine can be contacted on

Polish Newsweek has got a new Editor-in-Chief

Tomasz Lis has been appointed to lead editorial team of Polish Newsweek, and Aleksandra Karasinska has joined the title as his deputy editor.

Newsweek Polska is published weekly by Ringier Axel Springer Polska. Tomasz Lis has replaced its former editor Wojciech Maziarski on the editorial position, who left the title.

Tomasz Lis started his career in 1990 in the TV news programme at TVP. In the years 1994-1997 he was Washington correspondent for Polish TV. Afterwards Lis had his news programmes at two other Polish TV stations: TVN and Polsat.
For the last two years he has edited the weekly magazine Wprost.

The magazine is published weekly with the circulation of 172,817 copies.
The editorial team of Newsweek Polska can be reached at

Irina Sokol has been appointed editorial director of Russian Shopping Guide (Moscow edition)

Shopping Guide in Moscow is part of the network of Russian shopping guides Ya pokupayu. published by Abak-Press. The network includes 18 publications in major Russian cities. The Moscow edition comes out monthly with 55,000 copies' circulation.
Regular features of the magazine cover fashion, beauty and health, cars, gadgets and design, and home, travel and entertainment.

The editorial team of the magazine can be contacted on

New editor at Ukrainian magazine Kontrakty

Elena Shramko has become the editor of Ukrainian weekly business magazine Kontrakty.

The magazine was launched in 1990 and is written in Russian language. It covers main events of the week, includes interviews with politicians and senior government officials, and provides analysis of current economic situation in Ukraine and the world, management of corporate and personal finances, and big business in Ukraine.

The magazine is distributed in Ukraine nationwide with 53,500 copies.

Elena Shramko can be contacted on