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Friday, 26 July 2013

Eastern European media changes newsletter 87

A new editor at Polish daily newspaper Dzennik Trybuna
Agnieszka Wołk-Łaniewska has become a new editor-in-chief of Polish daily Dziennik Trybuna. Prior to this she served as a deputy editor at the publication, and has replaced Robert Walenciak on this position, who resigned recently. Dziennik Trybuna re-launched in May 2013 and has a circulation of 40,000 copies. Agnieszka Wołk-Łaniewska and the editorial team can be reached at

Russian Marie Claire launches a new format
 Russian Marie Claire has started a fashion newspaper Vestnik Marie Claire. It contains fashion news and events, latest trends, world's catwalks, fashion developments and new ideas. The editorial team of the magazine and the newspaper can be contacted on

Russian business TV station with a new editor-in-chief
 Andrey Reut has been appointed the editor-in-chief of Russian business RBC-TV. The TV channel focuses on economic, financial and political news from Russia and the world, provides analytical reviews, business developments and forecasts, experts comments, interviews with politicians and businessmen, topical programmes on Russian business and the situation on the financial markets.

 Editorial changes at Polish interior design magazine Dom&Wnętrze
 Małgorzata Rogala has been appointed editor of Polish interior design magazine Dom&Wnętrze.

New publisher of Czech Marie Claire
Czech magazine Marie Claire moves to a new publisher Burda Praha from Sanoma Media Praha. The switch happens with a November issue of the magazine.

 Russian BaltInfo news agency without editor-in-chief
Vladislav Kraev has left St. Petersburg's news agency BaltInfo to move to RIA Novosti news agency. BaltInfo covers news and business in North Western region of Russia and St. Petersburg city, its editorial team can be reached at