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Monday, 28 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 34

The newspaper Moskovskie Novosti on market again

Today, on March 28, the re-branded edition of Moskovskie Novosti has appeared on sales in Moscow after being suspended for last several months.

It is a daily social, political and business newspaper with 33,000 copies' circulation. Provides coverage of political and economic problems in the country and in the world, developments in business and finance, science and education, culture and medicine, urban and sports news.

It appears on 16 pages of the format 320x540mm. FPC advertising costs 255000.00 RUR.
The newspaper updates are available on Twitter @newmnru and on Facebook.

The Editor-in-Chief Vladimir Gurevich and the editorial team can be contacted on

Ukrainian publisher Edipresse launches a new women's home magazine

Edipresse Ukraine is about to start a new home and interiors magazine Kreativa, with a first issue to appear on March 30.

The magazine aims at providing inspiration and creating ideas for living and decorating your home.

The main regular sections: Ideas for table decoration; Interior projects; Stylish accessories; Ideas for arranging your living space.

The magazine will be published quarterly with 30,000 circulation.

Editorial Director Valeria Trunilina can be reached at

New journalists have joined Slovak daily newspaper SME

The journalists Maria Mihalikova and Martina Hilbertova have joined the editorial team of the Slovak daily national newspaper SME. Both of them worked at the business newspaper Hospodarske Noviny prior to joining SME.

Martina Hilbertova started at SME on March 22 and can be reached at As Martina has told us, she covers all topics related to Bratislava and the capital living.

Maria Mihalikova starts on April 1, 2011 and will be writing about politics. Her email address is

Check our RussianMediaOnline directory for the detailed information on SME newspaper and their full journalists' listing.

SME is published by Petit Press, a.s. and appears six times a week on 48 pages with the circulation of over 72,000 copies.
Readership: 336,828.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 33

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New Editor-in-Chief at Russian arts magazine Artchronika

Editor-in-Chief Milena Orlova is leaving ArtChronika, to be replaced by Maria Roguleva.
Milena Orlova steps down as the Chief editor of ArtChronika. She has led the magazine since June 2009. Maria Roguleva is to start at the magazine in April 2011.

Maria Roguleva is an art historian and studied at Moscow State University and Columbia University in New York. She has written articles on contemporary art and the art market. Prior to this she was the editor at Art section at the website and the chief editor at the Russian version of U.S. magazine for collectors ART+AUCTION.

ArtChronika is a Russian monthly magazine on contemporary arts, antiques and fine arts with the circulation of 15,000 copies. Its Deputy Editor-in-Chief Eva Ruhina can reached at and the editorial team can be contacted on

Slovak Hospodarske noviny with editorial changes

Slovak business and economics daily Hospodarske noviny has seen its Deputy Editor-in-Chief Marek Tettinger leaving the newspaper. He was responsible for politics, international business, culture and sport. His replacement at the publication is Dag Danis, current Opinions and analysis editor.
He still can be reached at

Supplements Editor Slavomir Sikuda is leaving the newspaper on April 1, and Zuzana Kollarova is stepping in. She can be contacted on

Check our RussianMediaOnline directory for the detailed information on Hospodarske noviny and their full journalists' listings.

Hospodarske noviny is a daily newspaper covering business, economics, finance, politics, society and culture. FPC advertising costs 5050.00 EUR.

New women's website launched in Bosnia and Herzogovina

A new women's website covering beauty and health has appeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It includes articles on relationships and sex, travel tips, living and housing advice, astrology, recipes, culture and entertainment.

The website supports and promotes Serbian magazine LJEPOTA & ZDRAVLJE published by Color Press Grupa and distributed in former Yugoslavia.

The Online Editor Jelena Joksimovic can be reached at

A new Polish magazine Sielskie Zycie about country living

Polish publisher Burda Publishing Polska has launched a new magazine Sielskie Zycie this month covering country living.

The magazine writes about people living in the country, gives tips for home decoration and on gardening, provides recipes, articles on local produce, nature and information about Polish regions.
The magazine comes out with 50,000 copies' circulation.

The Editor-in-Chief is Malgorzata Szczepanska, who also leads magazines Elle Decoration and Moj Piekny Dom and their editorial teams.

The Editorial Assistant Anna Chwalinska can be reached at

The Brand Manager Marta Stefanska can be contacted on

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 32

Mikhail Borzenkov has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Russian magazine Stereo&Video

Russian publishing House KATMAT has announced today about the appointment of Mikhail Borzenkov for the position of the Editor-in-Chief of Stereo&Video magazine.

Mikhail came to the publishing house KATMAT in 2010 as a deputy chief editor of the same publication. He can be reached at

Stereo&Video covers latest audio and video products on Russian and world markets, runs comparative tests and provides reviews.

Its circulation is 123,000 copies. FPC costs 338000.00 RUR.

Check out RussianMediaOnline for the full details on the magazine and full listing of their journalists.

Polish digital magazine Organic about green living has gone into print

Polish magazine Organic, a bi-monthly digital magazine about ecology, green living, environment, ecological products and healthy lifestyle, appears this month in the print format for the first time.

It will be available at selected newsagents in Poland on March 21-25.

Its Editorial Director Magdalena E. Sala can be contacted on

They have Facebook presence at

Serbian publisher Retail Media launched a specialized magazine for professionals in Information Technologies in Retail

Retail Media based in Serbian Novi Sad has published a new magazine about Retail IT technologies.

Retail IT magazine covers POS, Supply Chains, RFID, Self-Checkout and retail technologies in commercial trade.

The quarterly magazine is published in English language with 10,000 copies' circulation. FPC costs 4100.00 EUR.
It targets retailers and manufacturers of technological products on the trade market.

The Managing Editor Svetlana Kosic and the editorial team can be approached with relevant trade and industry press materials on

Serbian daily newspaper Press has seen some design, layout and content changes this month

Serbian daily newspaper Press appears in March with a new design, new authors, news editorial columns and new approach to presenting news.

The newspaper's Editor-in-Chief Veljko Lalic and the editorial team can be reached at

Press is published by Press Publishing Group d.o.o. FPC costs 327000.00 RSD.

Russian newspaper Kaskad-podrobnosti in Kaliningrad region has ceased

Russian newspaper Kaskad-podrobnosti appeared for the last time on March 15. It was published by Media Group Kaskad.
It was shut down due to financial problems and was issued for the last time with with 5,600 copies' circulation.

The newspaper started in 1997 as a daily newspaper, later on however was transformed into a weekly one.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 31

Print format and regular features changes at Russian lifestyle magazine Markuis

Russian magazine Markuis will have a new section Around the World, with a series of articles and photo coverage of places of travel interest in Russia, starting from its April issue. It will include tourist routes and attractions, historical and cultural monuments, to better present Russia and its ethnic diversity.

Besides, the national magazine is published in a new format 145x210mm as of the beginning of this year.

Markuis is a free trendy lifestyle magazine providing interviews with Russian and foreign movie stars, showbiz news, technological innovations and consumer goods, personal finance, travel, cooking, mobile telecommunications, beauty and reviews of fashion collections.

The magazine appears monthly with 835,000 copies' circulation. The FPC advertising costs 217000.00 RUR. It is published by Markuis Media Group.

Its Editor-in-Chief Olga Sherikova can be reached at

Editor-in-Chief of Polish women's magazine Zwierciadlo Manana Chyb leaves her position

Manana Chyb, Editor-in-Chief of the monthly magazine Zwierciadlo (The Mirror), is leaving the company. Manana has led the magazine since 2008 and has been in its editorial team for 8 years.

Anna Bimer, Deputy Editor, has been appointed Acting Editor of the publication. She can be contacted on

Anna Bimer has been with the magazine since May 2008. Prior to this she was a deputy editor of color supplements at the newspaper Polska The Times, Head of Culture at Pani magazine, and also Editor at Polish weekly magazine Gala.

Zwierciadlo is a monthly magazine with 140,000 copies' circulation. FPC costs 38000.00 PLN.

The magazine covers women's issues, fashion, beauty, relationships, home, culture and entertainment.

Russian radio station Kommersant FM93.6 has launched a new website

The website contains head news, program announcements, interviews, and archives. It also provides online broadcasting.

Their Sales Manager Valeria Nazarova can be reached at
1 Minute of prime time advertising at the radio station costs 50000.00 RUR.

Kommersant-FM is a news radio station broadcasting at the frequency of 93.6 MHz in Moscow. Provides latest political and business news, up-to-date traffic information and weather, current situation on financial markets.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 30

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Russian interior design magazine Moy lyubimy Dom appeared on the market on March 14

We have written already about home magazine Moy lyubimy Dom to be launched by Russian publisher Edipress Konliga.

The magazine provides advice on home arrangements and interior design in a city apartment and a private house.
The magazine targets young property owners, who are well-educated and are socially active, in the age group of 30-40 years.

Regular sections of the magazine: Apartment, Private House and Ideas and solutions provide insight on home arrangements, current trends in construction and renovation, novelties in the field of interior design.

It is a monthly publication with 128 pages and the circulation of 135,000 copies, distributed in Russia, Baltic states and the CIS.
FPC costs 130000.00 RUR.
The Commercial Director Irina Shevtsova can be reached at
Its publishing director Galina Arefieva can be contacted on
The magazine has got its own website now at

Yuri Saprykin has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of a Russian business website

This week has seen Yuri Saprykin on his new job position in
Prior to this Yuri was Editorial Director at the city guide and entertainment magazine Afisha. Yuri Saprykin graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow State University. He worked at radio stations Autoradio and Nashe Radio. In 2000 he came to Afisha magazine, first as a deputy chief editor, three years later he moved to the position of the editor-in-chief. In 2008 he was appointed to be Editorial director of Afisha Industries publications.

Yuri Saprykin can be reached at was launched in 2009 and informs about economics, business, politics and lifestyle of Russian middle-class.

Check out RussianMediaOnline for further information and listings of 25 journalists with contact information.

Layout and design changes at Polish political weekly Uwazam Rze

We have already written about the start of a new political weekly Uwazam Rze, published by Presspublica Sp. z o.o.
It is a publication looking into international and Polish political affairs. Covers political events, interviews, reviews and reports.

On March 14 the magazine changed its print format from A3 to A4 and appears on glossy paper now. The current cover price is 2.90 PLN. Its circulation has increased up to weekly 336,000 copies.

The magazine has got its own website now at

The Editor-in-Chief Pawel Lisicki and the editorial team can contacted on

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 29

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Russian Business website without its Chief Editor and Deputy Director Chief Editor Anton Nossik left his editorial position on March 15 at one of the major business websites in Russia. He informed about it on his blog yesterday:

Business and financial web portal is published by a media holding company United Media. It covers financial and economics news, currencies, stock quotes, providing expert opinion and interviews.

The editorial team welcomes trade news and press releases at

Check out RussianMediaOnline for further information on

Polish Radio Station Zlote Przeboje with a new morning program

Entertaining radio station with oldies from Warsaw has launched a new morning program ZP na Dzien Dobry.

Program host presenters Monica Richardson and Jarek Budnik offer a mix of music and news, traffic news and weather for a good start of a day, daily from 6.00 to 9.00 a.m.
Both of the presenters have had their own programs on TV and radio previously. Jarek Budnik can be reached at

They can be contacted with news and suggestions on

Kazakhstan with a new construction magazine in its 2 cities

Russian publisher Pronto-Moskva has launched a new building magazine Vsya stroyka i remont in Karaganda and Astana cities in Kazakhstan.

It is a specialized advertising guide for goods and services in construction and renovation sectors. It provides information on building, renovation and home improvement.

The magazine is published fortnightly with 10,000 copies' circulation in Karaganda and 12,000 copies in Astana.

The editorial team can be reached at

A new motoring website in Slovak Republic

Slovak Internet publisher Azet and CPress Media have started a new automotive website this month. It provides motoring news and covers automotive technology.

Chief Editor of Technology Media Filip Hanker can be contacted on and Executive Editor Jan Trangel on

Czech and Slovak Fashion TV with a new TV program

Fashion TV Czech&Slovak has moved to the satellite Astra 3B and has launched a new program called Fashion VIP.
It is a lifestyle TV magazine hosted by TV presenters Denisa Mendrejova and Nikol Moravcova.

A new Editor at Russian magazine Zagorodnaya Rezidentsiya

Filipp Urban has been appointed for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Russian magazine Zagorodnaya Rezidentsiya.

Filipp Urban has got reach experience working at property magazines: Property Bulletin, Real Estate of Moscow and Moscow region and Country Review. In 2004 Urban won the National Prize of the Russian Guild of Realtors in the nomination - Best journalist covering the real estate market.

Zagorodnaya Rezidentsiya or Country Home is published by FineStreet Media Group in St. Petersburg.

The magazine provides information for buyers and owners of country homes.
Each issue covers home projects, a comparative analysis of real estate services, expert opinions, market news. it has been published bi-monthly with 25,000 copies' circulation since April 2010.

Julia Kashlakova, PR Manager of FineStreet Media Group, can be reached at

Check out RussianMediaOnline for further information on Zagorodnaya Rezidentsiya.

First issue of Forbes Ukraine on market on March 11

The first issue of Ukrainian Forbes went on sale on March 11 with 30,000 copies' circulation.

Main article of the first issue is about Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk, written by Lesya Voytitskaya and Vladimir Fedorin, based on their interview with him. The issue also includes ideas for private investors, the history of DragonCapital company, photo story about construction of Hilton hotel in Kiev.

Issued by the Publishing House Ukrainian Media Holding.

Check out RussianMediaOnline for full contact information on Forbes Ukraine.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 28

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The Editor-in-Chief of Russian Forbes has left his position

As the Russian publisher Axel Springer Russia has announced today, Forbes Editor-in-Chief Maxim Kashulinsky has left the business magazine after his six years' stint, as of March 14, 2011.

His position is filled in by his Deputy Editor Kirill Gorsky, who is the Acting Editor of the publication. In the past Kirill was a Deputy editor-in-chief of Russian business newspaper Vedomosti.

Kirill Gorsky can be reached at
and the editorial team of Forbes Russia can be contacted on

Forbes Russia is to see on Facebook:
The publisher's announcement can be found here:

Maxim Kashulinsky has started as a Director General of Online business daily He twits at

Cosmopolitan is now in Armenia

Cosmopolitan Armenia has been launched this month in Yerevan. The local edition will be published in Armenian language with over 30% of their original content. It covers beauty, fashion, relationships and gives experts' advice.

It will appear monthly with 5,000 copies' circulation. It is published by Media Partners CJSC.

Its Editor-in-Chief Hrachuhi Utmazyan and the editorial team can be reached at

They are present on Twitter at and on Facebook:
The magazine's website is already available at

Russian magazine St. Petersburg Investment Guide nominated for a prize in the nationwide contest

Russian magazine St. Petersburg Investment Guide has been nominated for a prize in the nationwide contest in the category the Best Corporate Media.

It is a quarterly bi-lingual business publication in Russian and English languages, covering investments in St Petersburg, its investment climate, market analysis of its real estate and business developments, its economic, financial and legislative changes. The magazine provides interviews with businessmen and local officials, and gives assessment of the situation on the local investment market.

As we have been told by their Editorial Assistant and Press Officer Svetlana Afonina, the magazine targets strategic investors, businessmen, top executives and managers of government agencies.

It is published with 5,000 copies' circulation. FPC costs 100000.00 RUR.

Their publisher Saint-Petersburg Agency for Direct Investments is present on Facebook:Санкт-Петербургское-агентство-прямых-инвестиций/200053986672562?sk=info.

The magazine is also distributed at trade fairs and trade exhibitions such as: MIPIM Cannes (Cannes), MIPIM Asia (Hong Kong), Expo Real (Munich), Transport of Russia, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and International Investment Forum (Sochi).

Svetlana Afonina can be reached at

A new Director at Slovak radio station Jemne melodie

Martin Hauptvogel will be a new Director of commercial Slovak national radio station Jemne melodie. Prior to this he was Sales Director at TV Markiza. Martin has been with TV Markiza since 2006.

Jemne melodie is the entertainment radio station, which boasts to have 325,000 listeners daily.

The editorial team can be reached at

The prime program of the station is the morning Prijemne rano s Evou with various topics, opinions and insights.
Its editorial team and the presenter Eva Pribylincova can be contacted on

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 27

A new cooking magazine in Poland

This week a new monthly cooking magazine Bistro has been launched in Poland. It is published by G+J Polska with 40,000 copies' circulation.
Its Editor-in-Chief Jolanta Orlowska can be reached at

Jolanta Orlowska is the Editor of the women's magazine Naj and the culinary magazine Moje gotowanie. Prior to this Jolanta Orlowska was the editor of the monthly Kuchnia, editor of the magazine Jestem and Deputy Editor of monthly Claudia.

More motoring titles on Polish media market

Another new start has happened in Poland this week, this time of a automotive magazine.
Publishing house Ringier Axel Springer Polska has launched a new bi-monthly magazine Auto Test with professional car tests and cars comparisons.
It includes testing of new and used cars, their driving, their performance and technical characteristics of models.

Its Editor-in-Chief Stanislaw Sewastianowicz, who is also the Editor of all their motoring magazines, and the editorial team can be contacted on their email,Auto-Test-nowy-dwumiesiecznik-od-jutra-na-rynku,1932,1.html.

Polish Murator has resumed publishing their yachting magazine

Polish publishing house Murator SA has re-launched issuing Yachty Motorowe, a luxury magazine targeting people interested in water motor sports.

The publication will appear twice a year and will be available exclusively at trade fairs: Wind and Water Fair in March in Warsaw and the other one in August in Gdynia.

The expected circulation about 30,000 copies.
Its Editor-in-Chief Waldemar Heflich and the editorial team can be reached at

A new gardening magazine of Bauer Media SK in Slovak Republic

Bauer Media SK launches a monthly Nasa zaharada, a supplement to the magazine Rytmus zivota. The first issue appears on March 11.

It will cover practical topics related to gardening and will provide solutions to gardening problems, tells about exotic plants and gives advice on their cultivation.

It will be published with 75,000 copies' circulation and with a cover price of 1.00 EUR. FPC is 4000.00 EUR.

Its Editor-in-Chief Lubica Augustinova can be contacted on

All media changes are reflected in our media directory
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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 26

A new weekly newspaper in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan

This week's Wednesday, March 2, saw a new weekly newspaper Vecherka appearing on Tajikistan media market.

The newspaper has got the same editorial team that left the newspaper Vecherniy Dushanbe at the beginning of this year in January 2011, after their conflict with its former publisher Charkhi Gordun.

The new newspaper is currently published with 2,000 copies' circulation and distributed in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe. Their website is to be set up shortly.

Vecherka is a socio-political newspaper covering city news, international and domestic affairs, culture and entertainment, sports in Russian language.

As we have been informed by their Editor-in-Chief Gulnora Amirshoeva, the editorial team can be reached at and at +992 37 238 54 18.

Gulnora is a well-known journalist in Tajikistan. She graduated from the Tajik State Pedagogical University. Afterwards, Gulnora worked as a reporter at the Tajik branch of the Interstate TV and Radio company MIR, Chief Editor of the newspaper Evening Dushanbe, the Chief Editor of the newspaper Businessman.

A new presenter at Slovak TA3 television

Andrea Vadkerti returns to work on TV, at the program Portret on TA3 to replace Petr Bohus. She will start with her duties on March 27 this year.
Portret is a weekly program hosting interviews with Slovak celebrities, artists and known persons. It is broadcast on Sundays. The editorial team can be reached at

Andrea Vadkerti is a television and radio journalist. She started as a journalist at Slovakia's daily business newspaper Hospodarske noviny, and later hosted radio programs at Ragtime and Twist.
She is on Facebook:!/AndreaVadkerti?v=wall
and has her own webpage:

Russian BLIZKO Remont will appear in St. Petersburg in April 2011

Russian magazine BLIZKO Remont is a richly illustrated guide of building and furnishing materials.
It presents articles about building materials, gives answers to questions on home repair and renovation and is full of advertising and promotional inserts.

It will be launched in St. Petersburg is April 2011 and initially will come out fortnightly and then will switch to a weekly schedule.
The expected circulation is about 30,000 copies. Advertising rates for FPC: 24360.00 RUR.

The editorial team can be contacted on The magazine's Editor Elena Shevtsova can be reached with industry and trade news at

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 25

A new monthly film magazine is launched in Slovakia

The magazine FilmMax has joined the stable of magazines published by Slovak Bauer Media SK.
It is managed by the editors of a TV guide, the Eurotelevizia magazine. The Group Editor Eva Vargova can be reached at

FilmMax covers film and show business, providing film and DVDs reviews.

The first issue has come out today on Wednesday, March 2. Its circulation is expected to be 20,000 copies. Cover price: 1.99 EUR. The magazine's volume is of 48+4 pages. FPC: 4000.00 EUR.

Slovak Radio Hey! is broadcasting anew in Bratislava

Radio Hey! is broadcasting again after a short break in its transmission.
It can be heard at 100.3 MHz frequency in Bratislava. The radio station has seen new investors arriving, who want to see a rockier edge of the radio station.

Hence, there will be more changes in music format with a bigger addition of Czech and Slovak rock songs.
Director General of Radio Hey! is still Mino Urbanik, who can be reached at

Editorial team can be contacted with music news and relevant music releases at

Editorial promotions at Czech business newspaper E15

The editor of a Czech daily newspaper Mlada fronta E15 Tomas Skrivanek has been appointed for the position of Editorial Publisher at Czech publishing house Mlada fronta. He has become a director of all publications of their economics division.

Tomas Skrivanek, the Chief Editor and Publishing Director, still can be reached at, +420 225 347 290. He has been the Editor at the publication since 2007. Prior to this Tomas was a deputy editor of the economic weekly Euro. He studied economics and economics journalism at the Prague University.

E15 is a business newspaper targeting employees of medium and large companies, and key managers of firms. The daily circulation is around 70,000 copies.
The FPC costs 244260.00 CZK.

A new TV channel will start in Czech Republic shortly

Prima Love, a new Czech satellite TV channel for women, will be launched on March 8, 2011. It will include programs of their original production and of TV Prima as well.
You can find them on Facebook: and the website

Chief Editor Jitka Obzinova can be reached at

Russian Blizko Remont magazine with a regional director

Nadezhda Sidorkina, a director of Samara's edition of the Blizko Remont magazine, has been appointed the director of their branch editions in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-na-Donu. Her new position Nadezhda Sidorkina shares with managing the magazine in Samara.
She can be reached at

Blizko Remont is a network of weeklies for buyers of construction and building finishing materials.

It is published by ABAK-Press in 6 cities with a total weekly circulation of 1,100,000 copies.

Ukraine has seen a start of a new online monthly magazine

Ukraine has seen the publication of the first online magazine about bikes customizing - Pride Kustoms Magazine and namely the creation of unique design and art for bicycles, motorcycles and cars.
It can be viewed on

Its Editor-in-Chief Julia Semerkina and the editorial team can be reached at