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Monday, 28 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 24

A new wedding magazine in Ukraine

Sanoma Media Ukraine launches a new wedding magazine Cosmo Bride. It will come out twice a year: in March and July.

Editor of the new publication will be Anna Zemskova, a current Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainian Cosmopolitan. She can be reached at

Cosmo Bride circulation is expected to be about 25,000 copies. The volume of the magazine 172 pages. An issue's cover price will be 25.00 UAH.

The publisher's announcement here:

A special supplement of a cooking magazine Sale&Pepe in Serbia

Last week Serbia saw Sale&Pepe magazine with a special supplement Okusi SAD covering gastronomy and restaurants in the United States, as we were informed by its Editor-in-Chief Danica Adzic.

It includes coverage of US cuisine and culinary outlets.

You can read there why New York is called the center of international cuisine, or about culinary arts in Chicago, and find out why San Francisco is a paradise for vegetarians, plus many other exclusive descriptions and recommendations.

Sale&Pepe is a Serbian edition of an Italian cooking magazine with recipes, published in Serbia since 2007. It is published by Attica Media Serbia Group
with 20,000 copies' circulation. FPC costs 800.00 EUR.

It contains special recipes and cooking techniques with the focus on interaction and personal contacts with its readers.

Sale & Pepe Srbija can be found on Facebook:

The Editor-in-Chief Danica Adzic can be reached at

A new digital monthly football magazine in Russia

Russian publishing house Future Media Group has launched Football Magazine - Russia's first electronic magazine about soccer. Its Editor-in-Chief Chermen Dzgoev can be reached at

The magazine is published once a month and available free of charge on their website: It contains football news, interviews, photographs, video recordings and audio comments.

Ekaterina Bykova, News Editor, can be contacted on

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 23

Editorial Changes at Serbian broadcaster B92

Sanda Savic, Director of News Programs at B92, is leaving the company after almost 17 years to pursue her individual consulting work.

She started at the company in 1994 as a a reporter and then news editor of Radio B92. Since 2004 she has been leading the joint newsroom of B92 radio, television and website.

Sanda Savic will carry on with her duties until March 15.

Veran Matic, the Chief Executive Officer of B92, can be reached at

A launch of an astronomy magazine in Serbia

Astronomski magazin is a magazine for popularization of astronomy and its related sciences, such as natural sciences. The magazine appears every two months, being published six times a year.
Magazine contains 76 pages, printed in color on high quality paper and is richly illustrated.
The magazine is aimed at the members of the Astronomy Club and is distributed free of charge.
The Editor-in-Chief Aleksandar Zorkic can be reached at

A motoring magazine ceased in Ukraine

Ukrainian Media Holding has stopped publishing its motoring magazine Auto i Tseny (Cars and Prices). The last issue of the weekly was released on February 22.

Magazine has been published for last three years with the average circulation of 68,000 copies and 292 pages. The publication was published every Tuesday. It has not been announced what happens to its editorial team.

Ukrainian Media Holding has informed that its personal finance magazine has issued a special edition dedicated to car owners, covering such topics as car insurance, car mortgage, car leasing, etc. It came out on February 24. is a fortnightly publication with 30,500 copies circulation. Its Editor Alexander Kramarenko can be contacted on

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 22

New design and layout of a trade Polish Hurt & Detal magazine

Hurt & Detal, a free monthly Polish magazine for retail and wholesale professionals of FMCG branch, has undergone through changes in design and layout, and has seen the addition of new sections. Its volume has also increased to 80 pages.
The magazine is published by Fischer Trading Group Sp. z o.o. with 70,000 copies' circulation.
The newly introduced magazine sections include: Store life with reports and comments on operation of shopping outlets, Industry news with the coverage of major events in the FMCG branch, Merchant Guide with experts' tips on legal issues, banking, insurance and marketing.
The Editor-in-Chief Tomasz Panczyk can be reached at The editorial team welcomes press materials and industry news to be sent to
The magazine targets retailers, distributors and wholesalers in the FMCG industry sector.

New Editor-in-Chief at the Ukrainian men's magazine EGO

Ukrainian Perekhid Publishing House has appointed the magazine's editor Yuriy Nikitinsky for Editor-in-Chief's position of the publication. We have already written, that its former Editor-in-Chief Andrey Taranenko left his position in December 2010. Nikitinsky can be contacted on
EGO is a glossy magazine for men published since December 2001 with 60,000 readership.
The magazine's Advertising Director Evgeniya Fedorova can be contacted on

A new name for Ukrainian publishing house

Publishing house Sanoma Magazines Ukraine has changed its name and from February this year is called Sanoma Media Ukraine. It publishes Ukrainian editions of Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan Beauty, Cosmo Bride, Men's Health, Story, Sensa, Harper’s Bazaar and Domashniy ochag.
Director General and Publisher Yulia Stefanishina has said that they have plans to launch a glossy architecture magazine this year and a Ukrainian edition of Esquire in 2012. She can be reached at

Brides magazine to be published in Russia by Conde Nast

Conde Nast Russia starts publishing a Russian edition of Brides, an American magazine for weddings. The first issue will appear in April 2011. It will include photo shootings, stylists' tips, reports from celebrities' weddings, luxury jewelry, Haute Couture dresses, honeymoon tours, beauty advice.
It will be published primarily twice a year with 150,000 copies' circulation.
The FPC is expected to cost 410000.00 RUB.
Its publisher Elena Zaytseva can be contacted on her email:

Monday, 21 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 21

New Editor-in-Chief at Polish regional newspaper

Pawel Fafara has been appointed a new Editor-in-Chief of all regional editions of Echo Miasta, a Polish free regional daily newspaper with 720,000 weekly readership. Pawel has been on editorial positions at Zycie and Polska newspapers and Newsweek Polska magazine.
He can be reached at

Editorial changes at Russian Elle

Russian publishing house Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev / InterMediaGroup has announced editorial changes at Elle magazine. Daria Anichkina has been appointed for the position of the fashion director at the magazine ELLE. Prior to this, Daria was a senior fashion style editor at the same publication.

Daria Anichkina has also worked at the fashion magazines Jalouse and Harper's Bazaar.

Editorial team of Elle and their Editorial Director Elena Sotnikova can be reached at

A new home magazine in Russia

Russian publishing House Edipress-Konliga is about to launch a new home magazine Moy lyubimy Dom.

The magazine will provide tips for comfort living and interior design in a city apartment and a private house.
The publication is aimed at young property owners, that are well-educated and are socially active, in the age group of 30-40 years.

The first issue will appear on March 14, 2011. It will be a monthly publication with 128 pages and the circulation of 142,000 copies, distributed in Russia, Baltic states and the CIS.
Its publishing director Galina Arefieva can be contacted on

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 20

More customer magazines in Russia

Russian publisher Sanoma Independent Media has launched 3 new customer magazines in February 2011.

DanoSfera is a magazine aimed at employees of the company Danone, and is divided into several major sections, including Career, Business and Health. Covers daily work and achievements of the company, marketing developments and information about its employees and departments.

Corporative magazine My Fazer covers issues of the Fazer group and work of individual departments. Includes strategies and development programs, its history, corporate responsibility, new bakery and pastry products of Fazer, company's employees.

Customer magazine Aktivniy vozrast targets women in the age group of 35-40 years of age and older.
Covers issues of health improvement and healthy lifestyle, products and news of Aktivia company. Includes recipes using Aktivia products, practical advice and tips in psychology, health and beauty.

Marketing Director for all three magazines Olga Kunahova can be reached at

A new magazine for young mums in Serbia started in February 2011

Color Press Grupa has launched Mamina skola, a magazine for future mums and pregnant women.

The magazine provides advice on nutrition, health, baby care and bringing-up young children. It is a monthly magazine with 35,000 copies' of circulation.
The Chief Editor Aida Bajazet can be contacted on
They can be found on Facebook:škola/194827417212330?sk=wall.

Chief Editor Filip Mostotsky has left the news agency BaltInfo

Filip Mostotsky left the news agency BaltInfo on February 15. It has not been announced about his replacement, as of the agency's director Elena Gusarenko. Editorial team can be contacted on
Baltic News Agency (BaltInfo) publishes news of St. Petersburg, cities of Russian North-West region and the Baltic countries.

Chief Editor Andrey Radin leaves 100 TV

Andrey Radin is stepping down as a chief editor of Russian 100 TV, a regional broadcaster from St. Petersburg. He has also been an editor and presenter of a program The week with Andrey Radin.

The TV channel covers news, politics, economics, social and cultural life of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Its news team can be contacted on

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 19

Another Ukrainian daily has been shut down

Today Ukrainian daily Blik has seen its last issue published. It has ceased due to distribution problems as of its owner Romanian Adevarul holding.
It has been published in Ukraine since 2006 with 26,000 copies' circulation. The online edition will be still available. The contact person is Deputy Editor Sofya Titova with her email address:

Slovak STV with editorial changes

Jan Smihula, Head of News, has left Slovak Television STV. He has been with the broadcaster since 2006.

The replacement for him at News and Current Affairs Desk is Chief Editor Anna Samelova. She can be reached at

Bauer Media Russia launches a new women's magazine

Bauer Media Russia is about to start a new magazine Chisto po zhenski targeting young women in the group above 25 years of age.
It will appear on March 2, 2011 and will be published every two weeks with 300,000 copies' circulation.
It will include real life stories, interviews with celebrities, entertainment.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 18

Russian professional industry journal Industrial electric heating and domestic electric heating to be launched in Moscow

Russian specialist magazine Promyshlenniy elektroobogrev i elektrootopleniye to be published shortly in Moscow. It will appear quarterly with 2,000 copies' circulation. The Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Khrenkov and the editorial team can be reached at

Russian website with a new graphic design

Russian website dedicated to women's issues, fashion, beauty, celebrities, health, sex and relationships, cooking has appeared with a new graphic design, as of its Editor-in-Chief Elena Khromova.
You can find them on Twitter:

A new cooking magazine in Macedonia

Serbian Color Press Group has launched a new cooking edition for Macedonian market called Isprati Recept. It is a culinary magazine with recipes in Macedonian language. The editorial team can be reached at
It is a monthly magazine with 30,000 copies' circulation and 48+4 pages.
Its Editor-in-Chief Zlatko Atanasov can be reached at The magazine targets women in the age group 25-70. FPC costs 200.00 EUR. PR and Marketing Director Ivana Manasieva can be contacted on her email address:

Polish luxury magazine to be published monthly now

Polish luxury magazine targeting wealthy men Malemen will appear monthly starting from March 2011.
Apart from that, the magazine has seen some editorial changes as well: their new Editor Grzegorz Kapla can be contacted on
Two new Art Directors Olga Lepkowska i Anna Skopinska can be reached at and
Kaja Burakiewicz has joined the team as a new editorial assistant with her email address:
The magazine is supposed to have 60,000 monthly circulation.
It is published by Next Media Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw.
The magazine covers men's lifestyle, men's fashion and luxury goods. The FPC costs 29000.00 PLN.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 17

Russian shopping guide Ya Pokupayu expands

Shopping guide Ya Pokupayu will be published in March 2011 in 2 more Russian cities - in Magnitogorsk and Surgut.
Ya pokupayu is a shopping magazine for goods and services in a premium luxury segment.
It covers major events in the world of fashion, beauty, design, entertainment and technology, publishes interviews with celebrities, reports on the world's leading trade shows.
Magnitogorsk edition will be published with 5,000 copies' circulation. FPC is supposed to cost 52000.00 RUR. Editor-in-Chief Artem Tsyganok can be reached at

Surgut edition will have 10,000 copies' circulation and FPC will cost 45000.00 RUR. Its Project Co-ordinator Sergey Sevryugin can be contacted on

Another luxury magazine in Russian St. Petersburg

In February 2011 Russian publishing house Palette has launched the first issue of the luxury magazine Dorogoe udovolstviye in St. Petersburg.

The magazine covers luxury goods, lifestyle, family, fashion, beauty, health, culture, interiors and luxury travel.
The magazine appears in 25 majors cities of Russian Federation.
Its Editor-in-Chief Tatiana Bykova's email address:

Polish political weekly to be published on Monday, February 7

Polish publisher Presspublica is about to start a conservative political weekly called 'Uwazam Rze. Inaczej Pisane'. The editorial team will be led by Pawel Lisicki, the Editor-in-Chief of a daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita. He can be reached at
The new magazine is supposed to provide journalists' opinions on politics, news, culture, science and technology, lifestyle and business.
It is thought to appear every Monday on 64 pages.

Editorial changes at Polish business weekly Puls Biznesu

Grzegorz Nawacki has been promoted to the position of a Deputy Editor of Puls Biznesu (Business Pulse) published by Bonnier Business Polska. Prior to this he was a journalist in the news section of this publication.
He can be contacted on

The news section of the newspaper has been increased with 2 new journalists recruited at the end of last year.

Alina Treptow covers finance, stock exchange, investments funds and can be reached at
Emil Gorecki writes on business, economics and careers, and his email address is

New supplement of Polish regional newspaper

Kocham Katowice is a new Friday supplement to a Polish regional newspaper Dziennik Zachodni.

Its first issue was released last Friday, February 4. Kocham Katowice covers regional news, culture, society and social issues.
It is on Facebook:
The Editor-in-Chief Marek Twarog can be contacted on

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 16

A new Bulgarian energy publication

Bulgarian TTL Media, which publishes Energy Review, have launched a new annual publication Energy Info BG.

Please check our media directory for contact details of all their magazines.

Energy Info BG is an annual printed directory, which provides a catalogue of companies, products and services for the energy sector in Bulgaria.
Contains information on conventional energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency equipment and service providers.
The publishers Luben Georgiev can be reached at and Teodora Ivanova at

Ukrainian Forbes is getting more editorial personnel

We have already written about Vladimir Fedorin, the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes - Ukrainian edition. We have also mentioned their business editors in previous posts as well.

This time we are writing about their new journalists' appointments in detail.

Lesya Voytitskaya is Forbes new reporter at their Business and Entrepreneurship section. She can be contacted on
Prior to this Lesya was a financial and banking journalist at economics newspaper Delo.
She writes her blog with her musings at

Nellie Verner is covering topics of mining engineering and metallurgical industry. Her email address is Prior to this she was an industry journalist at the weekly Expert Ukraina and Kontrakty.

Daria Isakova will focus on topics related to agriculture and she can be contacted on She used to work at Investgazeta previously.

Yuliya Belinskaya is a business journalist, who used to work at Business Class Magazine and Status magazine.
She writes her blog at

Elena Shkarpova, a former journalist and editor at EI and Kontrakty, writes on finance and business.
Her new email address is

Altogether Ukrainian Forbes editorial team will comprise 5 editors and 10-12 journalists, as of Vladimir Fedorin.

Just as a reminder, the first issue of the Ukrainian Forbes is to be published in March 2011 with 30,000 copies' circulation. It is expected to appear monthly on 180 pages. FPC is supposed to cost 64000.00 UAH. The publisher is United Media Holding (UMH).
All advertising queries should be addressed to Nelya Chernyshuk at

Their media presentation to see at

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