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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 77

 Russian motoring magazine with a new editor

 Leonid Klimanovich has been appointed editor-in-chief of Russian automobile magazine Avtomir. The magazine is published monthly with 130,000 circulation. Leonid and the editorial team can be reached at

Ukrainian Focus magazine welcomes a new editor

 Ukrainian weekly magazine Focus and has seen a new editor Yana Moyseyenkova joining the editorial team. Yana has moved to the title from Ukrainian business magazine Kontrakty and can be contacted on

Focus comes out every Friday with 32,000 copies' circulation.

Moje psychologie magazine re-launched in Czech Republic
Czech publisher Mladá fronta has re-launched lifestyle magazine Moje psychologie with 45,000 circulation and Simona Matásková as its new editor.

It is a lifestyle magazine with the additional coverage of fashion and cosmetics, architecture and design, food and travel, and the focus on consumer psychology and urban life mental ilnesses.
Simona Matásková can be reached at

 A new culinary magazine in Czech Republic

 The Czech publisher Sanoma Media Praha has launched a monthly recipes magazine Chuť a styl. Its editor-in-chief is Jana Zbyňková (, the current editor of another gastronomy magazine Kuchyně.cz.

Editorial changes at Russian Wedding magazine
Russian publisher Sanoma Independent Media has appointed Lika Dlugach the editor of bi-monthly Wedding magazine. Lika can be contacted by email on

Wedding magazine appears 7 times a year with 70,000 copies' circulation.

Russian agricultural magazine comes to Kazakhstan

 Russian regional publisher Svetich from Kurgan launches a new agricultural publication Agrozhizn.Rossia-Kazahkstan to be distributed in Kazakhstan:

The editorial team is led by the editor Marina Sevostyeva (