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Friday, 29 July 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 49

A new Deputy Editor at Russian business

The former chief editor of Finance magazine Andrey Goryanov has been appointed a deputy editor at the business online newspaper

Goryanov headed the magazine Finance from February 2010 to July 2011, until the publication was shut down with the last issue on June 27.

Prior to working at Finance Andrey Goryanov was the editor at the business newspaper RBC daily St. Petersburg.
He can be reached at

Editorial changes at Russian motoring magazine Forsage

Leonid Paschenko has been appointed on the editorial position at Russian motoring magazine Forsage. He will start at the magazine shortly with preparing its October issue.

The magazine is published monthly by Gameland publishing house with the circulation of 205,000 copies.

The editorial director of Forsage and Tyuning avtomobiley Denis Arendarchuk can be contacted on

More culture journalists at Polish magazine Wprost

Malgorzata Sadowska has become a new Culture writer and can be reached at

Prior to this she was also a culture reporter at women's magazine Przekroj.

Another addition to Culture desk of Wprost is Marta Strzelecka, who previously worked on Dziennik Gazeta Prawna as a Culture Editor. She has to start on her new position on August 1. Her email will be

Polish women's magazine Wrozka with a new executive editor

Dorota Jastrzebowska has become an Executive Editor at women's lifestyle magazine and she can be contacted on as of August 2011.

Jastrzebowska came from the magazine Moj pies (My Dog), where she was the Chief Editor.

Wrozka is a monthly magazine with 115,000 copies' circulation on 150 pages, published by Te-Jot.

There are changes in the magazine's content, and new sections appearing in the magazine with August issue, including Talk about love (and sex) and Secrets of Dreams.

Russian Online Stars & Brands Magazine starts on August 1

The glossy print edition of Stars & Brands Magazine will appear this autumn.
It a professional publication about celebrity marketing.
It be found on and

The Editor-in-Chief Vadim Kormilitsyn can be reached at and he writes his blog on

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 48

New Editor at Russian Rossiskaya Gazeta Online

Andrey Tsyper has been appointed Online Projects Director at

Andrey and his Online team can be reached at is online political resource with 2,000,000 unique visitors per month.

Banner price 400.00 RUR per CPM.

Polish Platforma Mediowa Point Group shuts down a student magazine ?dlaczego

?dlaczego has been published since 1998 and used to be a free student magazine with 100,000 copies' circulation.

The website will be closed shortly.

Russian weekly Rossiskiye Vesti is in Moldova now

Russian Rossiskiye Vesti is distributed now in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic with 5,000 copies circulation.

It is a weekly newspaper covering political news, society and culture, and is led by its Editor-in-Chief Alexey Titkov.

Alexey Titkov and the editorial team can be reached at

Russian sports newspaper Sport den za dnem is without Editor

Vladislav Bachurov has left his editorial post at the Russian newspaper Sport den za dnem.

It is a daily newspaper with 16,000 copies' circulation.

Its editorial team can be contacted on

Al Jazeera TV to appear in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Al Jazeera Balkans Channel will appear in Sarajevo at the end of the year.

Goran Milic is the director of Al Jazeera Balkans and can be contacted on

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 47

Slovenian TV3 with a new program director

Igor Gajic has been appointed for the position of a Programme Director at Slovenian TV3.
He will start on his new job on August 1, after the departure of previous director Amir Mureskic. Gajic is known as Director of live events, TV Shows, TV commercials and also as editor, sound designer and script writer.

His email address will be
Igor's personal website:

A new business magazine has appeared today in Poland

Business Security Magazine is a professional magazine targeting managers of companies, financial and business institutions. It covers business security, crisis management, risk optimization and information management.
It is published by Polish IBBC Group and will appear with 3,000 copies' circulation on 62 pages. Its website is available on

The Editor of the publication is Bartosz Pastuszka, the managing director of IBBC Group. He and the editorial team can be reached at

German magazine Welt der Wunder comes to Poland on July 18

Bauer Media Poland introduces magazine Swiat Wiedzy onto Polish market.
The popular science magazine will have the following sections: World and Nature, World and Science, The World and Human, World History and The World and Civilization and will target male readers between 14 and 49 years of age.

It will come out with 200,000 copies' circulation on 116 pages.

The editorial team will be run by Adam Szumilak, a Chief editor of Bauer's games' CD-Action, and the Publishing director Zbigniew Banski, publisher of computer magazines at Bauer.

Adam can be reached at and Zbigniew at

More consumer media in Ukraine

Sanoma Media Ukraine has launched a quarterly home and interiors magazine Casaviva.

It is published with 15,000 copies' circulation and targets architects and people interested in decorating their homes. It covers furniture made from eco-friendly materials, appliances, gadgets, interior design and decoration of homes and gardens, advice from florists and feng shui experts.

The Editor-in-Chief Olga Kovalskaya can be contacted on

Another project of Sanoma Media Ukraine is the online food and recipes resource

It provides recipes for gourmet parties and recommendations for home cooking.
The CPM cost is 30.00 UAH.

Online Sales Manager Veronika Antyufeeva can be contacted on

Russian Business publication Marker with a new Editor

Valeri Veisberg, the former editor of Marker, has left the publication to pursue his career in banking sector.

Alexander Potapov has been appointed to be the editor, who prior to this was a journalist at Russian business publications Kommersant, Finans and D'. He and the editorial team can be contacted on

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 46

All media changes are reflected in our media directory
Please contact us to subscribe to our services at or contact our publisher David Reade on
On your request we can also produce distribution lists.

New Editorial Director at Kazakhstan national newspaper.

Zhanai Omarov has been appointed a new Editorial Director at a national newspaper Kazakhstanskaya Pravda. It covers politics and governmental issues.

Prior to this Zhanai Omarov has been a Director at national TV broadcasting company Kazakhstan.
Contact Zhanai Omarov and his editorial team on

Advertising rates at Kazakhstanskaya Pravda: 1,000 KZT per SCC.

Follow them on Twitter:

Ukrainian business and economics magazine Profil ceased

We have de-activated the Ukrainian economics monthly Profil in our media directory, which used to cover business and finance.
It was shut down due to poor performance.
It has been published by Glavred-Media with 25,000 copies' circulation and its last issue appeared on July 2.

A launch of a new Serbian magazine Eko Kuca

Serbia has seen a new magazine Eko Kuca published this month, covering ecological architecture and environmental culture.

Eko kuca (Eco house) is dedicated to environmental building technologies, environmental construction, solar systems and technologies, renewable energy, energy efficiency systems and components.

It appears on 180 pages and is distributed in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia.

The Editor-in-Chief Vladimir Lovric can be reached at

Re-branding of Russian national newspaper Izvestia

As of July 5, Russian national newspaper Izvestia started to appear in a new page format D2 - 310x578mm.

Izvestia is published by a media holding News Media. It is a daily newspaper with 175,000 copies' circulation and covering news, politics, economics, society and culture. It was launched in 1917.

FPC costs 849600.00 RUR.
The editor-in-Chief Alexander Malutin can be reached at

Friday, 1 July 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 45

Editorial changes at Komsomoskaya Pravda in Ukraine

As of July 18 Oksana Bogdanova will be Acting Editor of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine. Its Chief Editor Anna Selivanova, who has led the editorial team since January 2010, will join Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russia.

Oksana Bogdanova is their current Political Editor and can be reached at

Komsomoskaya Pravda in Ukraine appears daily with 132,000 copies' circulation.

FPC costs 52,814 UAH.

Please check out the entry for the national newspaper in our media directory - it has been fully updated today.

New publisher for women's magazines Pokhudei! and Prigotov! in Russia

Russian publisher Creative Media has announced today about the sale of both magazines to Edipress-Konliga.

Magazine Pokhudei! (Lose weight) is a monthly publication for women, who want to stay physically fit and care about their appearance, health and inner harmony. Published since 2008 with the circulation of 150,000 copies.

The magazine Prigotov! (Cook) is a monthly magazine for modern women who love to cook. Provides recipes from chefs of famous restaurants and readers. Published since 2009 with the circulation of 100,000 copies.

Polish Top Gear magazine with a new publisher Ringier Axel Springer

Top Gear Polska has been sold by Hubert Burda Media Poland and will be published by Ringier Axel Springer Poland with its September issue.

It is the Polish edition of UK magazine with 64,727 copies' circulation.

At the moment they can be found at:

Apparently its Acting Editor will be Szymon Soltysik, their current Deputy Editor.

The magazine's editorial team can be contacted on

Editor Jaroslaw Maznas is leaving Polish magazine Cars

Wojciech Jakobczyk, the Deputy Editor of the magazine, has replaced Jaroslaw Maznas on his editorial position.

He and the editorial team can be reached at

Cars is a monthly Polish motoring publication with 15,774 copies' circulation.

Jaroslaw Maznas will remain at the magazine as a columnist, but will dedicate all his time to his TV show Automaniak at TVN Turbo.