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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 78

Gleb Bryanski appointed editor-in-chief of Russian economics news agency Prime
Gleb Bryanski has been appointed editor-in-chief of Russian economics news agency Prime. Prior to this he was a reporter at Thomson Reuters in Moscow. The news team of Prime agency can be reached at  


Russian publisher C-Media made changes in the format of its magazines
Russian publisher Media holding C-Media has announced that Empire magazine will still appear in 2013 in both print and electronic formats, but the magazine will be available only in electronic format.  


Business newspaper in Russian St.Petersburg shuts down
Russian regional edition RBK Daily v Sankt Peterburge has been shut down. It appeared daily with 10,000 copies' circulation. The online edition is still available at  


Polish cultural magazine Arcana with a new editor
Prof. Krzysztof Szczerski joins Polish bi-monthly cultural magazine Arcana as its editor in January 2012. The former editors Andrzej Nowak and Maciej Urbanowski left in December. The new editor and editorial team can be contacted on  


Editorial changes at Polish lifestyle magazine Sukses
Radoslaw Krapiec has been appointed deputy editor of Polish lifestyle Sukces magazine published by Presspublica. The magazine covers lifestyle and successful people in business, and is published with 10,965 circulation. The editorial team can be reached at  


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 77

 Russian motoring magazine with a new editor

 Leonid Klimanovich has been appointed editor-in-chief of Russian automobile magazine Avtomir. The magazine is published monthly with 130,000 circulation. Leonid and the editorial team can be reached at

Ukrainian Focus magazine welcomes a new editor

 Ukrainian weekly magazine Focus and has seen a new editor Yana Moyseyenkova joining the editorial team. Yana has moved to the title from Ukrainian business magazine Kontrakty and can be contacted on

Focus comes out every Friday with 32,000 copies' circulation.

Moje psychologie magazine re-launched in Czech Republic
Czech publisher Mladá fronta has re-launched lifestyle magazine Moje psychologie with 45,000 circulation and Simona Matásková as its new editor.

It is a lifestyle magazine with the additional coverage of fashion and cosmetics, architecture and design, food and travel, and the focus on consumer psychology and urban life mental ilnesses.
Simona Matásková can be reached at

 A new culinary magazine in Czech Republic

 The Czech publisher Sanoma Media Praha has launched a monthly recipes magazine Chuť a styl. Its editor-in-chief is Jana Zbyňková (, the current editor of another gastronomy magazine Kuchyně.cz.

Editorial changes at Russian Wedding magazine
Russian publisher Sanoma Independent Media has appointed Lika Dlugach the editor of bi-monthly Wedding magazine. Lika can be contacted by email on

Wedding magazine appears 7 times a year with 70,000 copies' circulation.

Russian agricultural magazine comes to Kazakhstan

 Russian regional publisher Svetich from Kurgan launches a new agricultural publication Agrozhizn.Rossia-Kazahkstan to be distributed in Kazakhstan:

The editorial team is led by the editor Marina Sevostyeva (

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 76

Editorial changes at the Polish cinematographic magazine Film
 Tomasz Raczek has been appointed editor-in-chief of Polish magazine Film. It is a monthly magazine with 70,000 circulation and is published  by Media Point Group and appears since 1946. Tomasz Raczek can be reached at

Russian health and medical magazine with a new editor
Alina Tulchnskaya leads the editorial team of Russian health magazine Zdorovie. She and her editorial team can be contacted on The magazine has been published monthly since 1955 and currently has got circulation of 170,000 copies. It covers health, medicine, fitness, dieting ang healthy lifestyle.

New magazine launch in Czech Republic
Czech publisher ČESKÝ DOMOV has launched monthly regional magazine Naše Praha 10 with 50,000 circulation. Facebook:

Regional events guide comes to Russian West Siberian city Kurgan
 Russian publisher Paramon has launched the events and entertainment city guide Vybirai in Kurgan with 5,000 circulation. The director Vera Chernyaeva oversees the management of the editorial team and the magazine's distribution (

 Lifestyle magazine in Czech Republic

Czech monthly lifestyle magazine Bel Mondo has been launched with 45,000 circulation in Prague by Respekt Publishing a.s. The magazine covers fashion, food and eating out, new technologies, culture and architecture. Petr Třešňák leads the editorial team and can be contacted on The magazine can be found at or Twitter:

Katja Šeruga appointed editor-in-chief of Večer
 Katja Šeruga joins Slovenian newspaper VEČER (Maribor) as their editor-in-chief. She starts at the newspaper on November 10, moving on from POP TV (

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 75

Online Kommersant Moldova with a new editor-in-chief

Kommersant Moldova has appointed Vladimir Solovyov,  a former political journalist at Russian daily business and economics newspaper Kommersant, as its editor-in-chief. was launched in 2010 and covers business, economics and political news. Vladimir Solovyov and the editorial team can be reached at

Moscow News without editor-in-chief
Tim Wall resigned as editor-in-chief of The Moscow News newspaper on September 24. He has held this position for the last 4 years. The Moscow News is a Russia's English-language publication run by Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti. The newspaper appears 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays with 52,000 copies' circulation. Wall's replacement is to be announced due course.

Watches' magazine Revolution comes to Ukraine

Ukrainian publisher Burda-Ukraina has launched a quarterly luxury magazine Revolution dedicated to watches with 5,000 circulation. The editor-in-chief is Denis Peshkov, who has also been the editor-in-chief of Russian edition of Revolution magazine since October 2007 ( The advertising FPC in Revolution costs 40000.00 UAH.

A new music business magazine in Poland

Polish publisher Iron Media has launched a music business magazine Rynek Muzyczny with 5,000 circulation ( The magazine will appear monthly with their plans to reach 10,000 circulation shortly. The editorial team is managed by the editor-in-chief Pawel Boron (

Czech publisher Stratosfera stops publishing FHM magazine

Czech publisher Stratosfera announces that the October issue of FHM magazine will be the last one of the magazine. Monthly FHM has been issued in the Czech Republic since 2008 ( The readers are advised to use the online men's interest website, with the monthly traffic over 50,000 unique visitors.

Another regional edition of a shopping guide in Russia
 Russian monthly Shopping Guide.Ya pokupayu has been launched in Naberezhnye Chelny with 5,000 circulation. The magazine covers lifestyle, fashion, beauty and home decoration and interior design. The FPC advertising is 35000.00 RUR. The magazine is managed by its editorial director Natalia Kuvshinova (

Ukrainian Vogue magazine consolidates its editorial team
 Ukrainian publisher UMH group has announced about the editorial changes of a to be published in 2013 Vogue magazine. Masha Tsukanova has been appointed the editor-in-chief of Ukrainian Vogue, and Philipp Vlasov joining as a fashion director ( Apparently Julia Pelipas will be their junior fashion editor.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 74

 Beauty magazine Allure comes to Russia

 CondeNast Russia has launched Russian edition of a beauty magazine Allure with 180,000 circulation. The editorial team is led by Ksenia Vagner and can be contacted on The magazine can be found on Facebook: and Twitter: 

Changes at Czech business magazine Profit

Czech economics and financial magazine Profit has become a bi-weekly supplement to E15 newspaper and is published now by Mlada Fronta. It is available now at Profit has been published in Czech Republic since 1990. The editor-in-chief is Martin Zika, who can be reached at

Russian women's magazine Mini with a new editor

Ekaterina Travinskaya ( has moved from Joy to edit Russian women's magazine Mini.  It is a glossy magazine for young women 25-35 years of age and covers lifestyle and showbiz, stylish clothes, fashion and beauty, relations and a successful career. It appears monthly since 2002 and is published by Hubert Burda Media Russia.

 Olga Lopteva has become a new editor-in-chief of Russian Joy

 Olga Lopteva leads the editorial team of Joy magazine published by Hubert Burda Media Russia. She can be contacted on Joy is a monthly glossy women's magazine about lifestyle and fashion trends, covering celebrities, beauty and fashion. Olga Lopteva has been working at the publishing house Burda since June 2007. Until February 2012 Olga was the executive editor of the magazine Joy, then became the deputy editor at the title. She graduated from the Moscow State Printing University with the specialty Publishing and Editing:

Quarterly glossy lifestyle magazine Muslim Magazine launched in Russia

Muslim magazine is a Russian fashion and lifestyle magazine for modern Muslims, covering travel, entertainment and arts. Includes original collections and current trends, news from the world of film and literature, food experience and the most beautiful places on the planet. The director Islam Amerkhanov and editorial team can be contacted on

Latvian publisher Rīgas Viļņi launched OK! magazine

OK! magazine appears now weekly in Latvia and targets modern women with celebrities' interviews and life stories, covering beauty and fitness, fashion, health, diet and the latest gossip. The magazine is published with 20,000 copies' circulation. Zita Ramma is the editor-in-chief at the title and can be reached at or Twitter: @ZitaRamma.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 73

New editor at a Polish ecology and lifestyle magazine

Agnieszka Szulim has been appointed the editor-in-chief of e!stilo - Polish lifestyle and ecology magazine published by Estilopress. Shulim and her editorial team can be reached at
The magazine covers healthy way of life, fashion and beauty, new trends in eco living, healthy food and travel.
The magazine can be followed on Facebook at

A new interior design magazine in Poland

 Bi-lingual (Polish and English) interior design, fashion and cultural magazine Home Mag launched in Poland with 15,000 circulation.The magazine is published by Home Fashion Design&Media and Media Express Metrio Publishing. The editorial team is led by Hubert Kropski and can be contacted on (

Metal Hammer has come to Bulgaria

  Metal Hammer has appeared in Bulgaria, with its second issue out on July 27. The editor Stoyan Tsonev and the editorial team can be reached at and the magazine will be later available on their website: Follow them on Twitter: @MetalHammerBG and on Facebook:

A new daily newspaper started in Montenegro

Serbian publishing house Ringier Axel Springer has launched a daily tabloid Blic Crna Gora in Montenegro.
The editor-in-chief of the newspaper is Radmilo Tadić and the deputy editor Slađan Blagojević manage the editorial team. The newspaper covers local politics, culture, economics and sports and has daily circulation of 10,000 copies. The cover price is 0,30 EUR.

Tractor-producing plant started a magazine

Kirovets Review, a quarterly magazine launched in Russia this month. The trade magazine covers the history of the factory, new tractor models and their reviews, and business developments. It is published by MediaLine Severo-Zapad with 3,000 copies. The editorial team is led by the editor Sergey Rostov (

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 72

 Russian daily newspaper Izvestia with a new editor-in-chief

Alexander Potapov has succeeded Alexander Malyutin as the editor of Russian national daily Izvestia.
Potapov previously led business edition at Markers and can be contacted now at
Izvestia is a daily newspaper published with around 150,000 circulation in A2 format on 12-48 pages.

Russian fashion and lifestyle magazine ceased

Russian publishing house Kommersant has shut down its monthly fashion magazine Сitizen K.  It used to be a Russian edition of a French magazine published monthly with 38,000 copies.

Polish celebrities and entertainment magazine appointed a new editorial assistant

Polish fortnightly magazine Show covering lifestyle, celebrities and entertainment, has got a new editorial assistant Agnieszka Niedek. Prior to this she worked at similar positions at Existence magazine. She can be reached at   
Show magazine is published by Bauer publishing house with 500,000 circulation.

Croatian daily newspaper Vjestnik website ceased
Croatian Vjestnik was launched in 1940 and was mostly recently published with around 10,000 copies, and stopped appearing in its print form this spring. Its website has not been updated since June 12 as well.

Serbian magazine HELLO! with its special edition BEAUTY BOOK
Serbian magazine Hello! has issued its special edition BEAUTY BOOK. 

It covers beauty, cosmetics, celebrities, fashion, fitness and health. It has been produced by the editorial team of Hello! magazine led by its editor Saša Tošić (

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 71

Russian radio station Shanson with a new editor-in-chief

The former editor of the Russian radio station Shanson Artur Vafin has left his position. Roman Shakhov has been appointed its acting editor and can be reached at Radio Shanson was launched in 2000 and broadcasts Russian pop music all over Russian Federation. (  

Czech publisher Choice Media with a new magazine Business Woman

Czech publisher Choice Media starts publishing a magazine Business Woman covering women in top management and politics. It will be published 10 issues per year with FPC costing 4,000 EUR. Its Production Manager Eva Sedlackova can be contacted on

International edition for a Russian shopping guide
Russian shopping guide Ya pokupayu starts its international Spain-Andorra edition this summer with 10,000 circulation. It will be published by Russian Abak-Press and Spanish ASTARTA MEDIA SLU. Its director Svetlana Krolivetskaya will oversee its production.  

Russian language lifestyle magazine in Czech Republic

Czech publisher Mlada fronta has launched a quarterly Russian language lifestyle magazine Zen with 20,000 circulation. The editorial team is led by its Chief Editor Jan Müller, who is also responsible for Czech edition of Zen, and can be contacted on

Editorial changes at Polish Elle
Ina Lekiewicz is moving to Polish Elle magazine as its fashion editor from the similar position at Glamour at the beginning of June 2012. Elle's editorial team can be reached at  

More interior design publications in Russia
Russian publisher Paramon has launched its Voronezh edition of interior magazine Interier bez granits with 7,000 circulation. It is a monthly magazine with interior solutions and products with prices and features, interior ideas and design projects.  

A new Polish travel magazine Kontynenty is on the market

Polish publisher Agora has published a quarterly travel magazine Kontynenty. It includes travel stories and interviews, travel destinations and reports. The magazine has got 160 pages and edited by Dariusz Fedor. Facebook:

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 70

Ecology magazine Ekologia i Rynek has appeared in Poland

Ekologia i Rynek is a monthly magazine covering ecology and environment. It will be distributed nationwide with 30,000 copies' circulation. The editorial team is led by Zbigniew Biskupski and can be contacted on
The magazine can be found in social media - Facebook: and Google+:  

Azerbaijan's capital Baku with a new newspaper
A weekly newspaper New Baku Post has launched in Baku in Azerbaijan. It is published in Azerbaijani and Russian languages with initial circultion of 10,000 copies and is distributed freely. The newspaper is edited by Russian language editor Kenan Guluzade and Azeri language editor Tofik Abbasov. You can follow them on Twitter:  

Another fitness magazine for women in Poland

A women's monthly magazine Happy! covering fitness, dieting, sports and beauty has launched in Poland with 220,000 circulation. It is planned that the circulation will be around 170,000 later on. The FPC advertising in the magazine is 40,000.00 PLN. The magazine is published by Agora Publishing and the editorial team is managed by the editor Anna Jablonska.:

The same publisher Agora started a new gardening magazine last month called Magnolia.

The magazine targets gardening and plants growing amateurs. The magazine has got 116 pages and 124,000 copies' circulation. Dariusz Raczko has been appointed the editor-in-chief of the title.  

Ukraine welcomes a new entertainment newspaper Vecherkom
Ukrainian publisher Segodnya Multimedia has launched weekly entertainment and consumer newspaper Vecherkom with 50,000 circulation with the editor Lev Shmalev. The newspaper appears on Fridays with A3 format and contains TV guide, celebrities, gardening and cookery sections, horoscopes and crosswords, and entertainment for the whole family.  

The editor Alexander Golovin left Bankovskoye obozreniye

Bankovskoye Obozreniye is the main banking magazine in Russia and is published with 10,000 circulation. The magazine covers trends and new tendencies in banking and banking markets.
The magazine is present in social media - Facebook: and Twitter:

The editorial director Dmitri Ravkin serves currently as acting editor. Their editorial team is happy to receive press materials and news in Russian language on