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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 71

Russian radio station Shanson with a new editor-in-chief

The former editor of the Russian radio station Shanson Artur Vafin has left his position. Roman Shakhov has been appointed its acting editor and can be reached at Radio Shanson was launched in 2000 and broadcasts Russian pop music all over Russian Federation. (  

Czech publisher Choice Media with a new magazine Business Woman

Czech publisher Choice Media starts publishing a magazine Business Woman covering women in top management and politics. It will be published 10 issues per year with FPC costing 4,000 EUR. Its Production Manager Eva Sedlackova can be contacted on

International edition for a Russian shopping guide
Russian shopping guide Ya pokupayu starts its international Spain-Andorra edition this summer with 10,000 circulation. It will be published by Russian Abak-Press and Spanish ASTARTA MEDIA SLU. Its director Svetlana Krolivetskaya will oversee its production.  

Russian language lifestyle magazine in Czech Republic

Czech publisher Mlada fronta has launched a quarterly Russian language lifestyle magazine Zen with 20,000 circulation. The editorial team is led by its Chief Editor Jan Müller, who is also responsible for Czech edition of Zen, and can be contacted on

Editorial changes at Polish Elle
Ina Lekiewicz is moving to Polish Elle magazine as its fashion editor from the similar position at Glamour at the beginning of June 2012. Elle's editorial team can be reached at  

More interior design publications in Russia
Russian publisher Paramon has launched its Voronezh edition of interior magazine Interier bez granits with 7,000 circulation. It is a monthly magazine with interior solutions and products with prices and features, interior ideas and design projects.  

A new Polish travel magazine Kontynenty is on the market

Polish publisher Agora has published a quarterly travel magazine Kontynenty. It includes travel stories and interviews, travel destinations and reports. The magazine has got 160 pages and edited by Dariusz Fedor. Facebook:

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 70

Ecology magazine Ekologia i Rynek has appeared in Poland

Ekologia i Rynek is a monthly magazine covering ecology and environment. It will be distributed nationwide with 30,000 copies' circulation. The editorial team is led by Zbigniew Biskupski and can be contacted on
The magazine can be found in social media - Facebook: and Google+:  

Azerbaijan's capital Baku with a new newspaper
A weekly newspaper New Baku Post has launched in Baku in Azerbaijan. It is published in Azerbaijani and Russian languages with initial circultion of 10,000 copies and is distributed freely. The newspaper is edited by Russian language editor Kenan Guluzade and Azeri language editor Tofik Abbasov. You can follow them on Twitter:  

Another fitness magazine for women in Poland

A women's monthly magazine Happy! covering fitness, dieting, sports and beauty has launched in Poland with 220,000 circulation. It is planned that the circulation will be around 170,000 later on. The FPC advertising in the magazine is 40,000.00 PLN. The magazine is published by Agora Publishing and the editorial team is managed by the editor Anna Jablonska.:

The same publisher Agora started a new gardening magazine last month called Magnolia.

The magazine targets gardening and plants growing amateurs. The magazine has got 116 pages and 124,000 copies' circulation. Dariusz Raczko has been appointed the editor-in-chief of the title.  

Ukraine welcomes a new entertainment newspaper Vecherkom
Ukrainian publisher Segodnya Multimedia has launched weekly entertainment and consumer newspaper Vecherkom with 50,000 circulation with the editor Lev Shmalev. The newspaper appears on Fridays with A3 format and contains TV guide, celebrities, gardening and cookery sections, horoscopes and crosswords, and entertainment for the whole family.  

The editor Alexander Golovin left Bankovskoye obozreniye

Bankovskoye Obozreniye is the main banking magazine in Russia and is published with 10,000 circulation. The magazine covers trends and new tendencies in banking and banking markets.
The magazine is present in social media - Facebook: and Twitter:

The editorial director Dmitri Ravkin serves currently as acting editor. Their editorial team is happy to receive press materials and news in Russian language on