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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 66

A new Serbian website for mobile technologies

A new online magazine has been launched this February in Serbia. It covers IT technologies, mobile computing and mobile communications, mobile gadgets.

They can be contacted on Facebook: and on Twitter:
The chief editor Ivana Pavlovic can be contacted on

Bulgarian Antre magazine on interiors design and lifestyle

The first and second issues of a new Bulgarian digital magazine Antre are available at

The digital magazine covers lifestyle, interior design, fashion, beauty and includes interviews and recipes.

Cristina Nigohosian, the publisher and chief editor at Antre Magazine, can be contacted on and on Facebook:

Russian free newspaper Metro expands

A free weekly newspaper Metro will come to Russian city Novosibirsk in March 2012.
The newspaper will be published by DiMark and will come out on Tuesdays with 100,000 copies and will be distributed for free on streets, public transport, business centers and cafes. Novosibirsk is the fourth city in Russia after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan, to have Metro edition.

Media Group DiMark in Novosibirsk can be reached at

Editorial changes at Polish Bloomberg Businessweek Polska

Michal Gajewski has been appointed acting editor at Polish Bloomberg Businessweek Polska, after its previous editor Michal Kobosko left to lead Wprost magazine.
Michael Gajewski has been with PMPG for more than 10 years. Since July 2011 he has been deputy editor of Bloomberg Businessweek Polska. Previously, he served at the same title publication as editorial assistant, deputy editor-in-chief and executive editor.

Bloomberg Businessweek Polska has been published every two weeks since September 2011 by Point Group Business Unit and its editorial team can be contacted on

Forbes Estonia magazine to start in March 2012

Forbes Estonia magazine will be published in partnership with SK Group Publishing in Estonia.

Forbes Estonia will have its first issue to be published at the beginning of March 2012 with the initial circulation of 20,000 copies.
SK Publishing Group launched the Latvian edition of Forbes magazine in June 2010.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Oil and gas industry in CIS countries and Eastern Europe

Oil and gas industry plays an important role in economics of Russian Federation and some countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, especially in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Russian Federation has the world's largest gas reserves, and is one of the world's major exporters of natural gas. It also has got significant oil resources and is the largest producer of oil. Oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan contributes to the wealth of these countries and they attract investments for energy developments in Caspian Sea region and Central Asia.

All major publications of the industry are presented in our media directory. These trade magazines cover petroleum industry news, industry technologies and trends, environmental legislation and perspectives for further development in regions, and target senior executives, engineers and oil and gas industry professionals.

We currently list most publications for Russian Federation, which cover oil and gas industry, plus industry magazines published in other CIS countries, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania.

To give you a glimpse on what you can find in our media directory, we have produced a module with some publications of the industry sector, however, we haven’t included editorial details and direct editorial contacts for them. You can have access to all media outlets and contacts' information having subscribed to our services.

The following print Russian titles on oil and gas industry can be found in

Bureniye i neft'
Faktor vremeni
Geologia nefti i gaza
Korrozia Territorii Neftegaz
Neftegazovaya vertikal
Neftegazovoye delo
Neftegazovoye oborudovanie
Neftegazovye tekhnologii
Neft i kapital
Oil & Gas Eurasia
Oil&Gas Journal Russia
Oil Gas Chemistry
Razvedka i dobycha
Sfera Neftegaz
Spetstekhnika i neftegazovoye oborudovaniye
Territoria NEFTEGAZ
The Russian Energy weekly
Truboprovodny transport Rossii
Truboprovody i ekologia
Gas Industry of Russia
Gazovaya promyshlennost
Gaz Rossii
Neft Rossii
Neftyanoye khozyaistvo
Oil Market
Oil of Russia

Neftegazovaya vertical

Publisher: xxxxx
Phone number: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx
Frequency: fortnightly
Circulation: 15,000
Format: 210x275mm

Street address: Leninsky prospekt 72/2, 1 floor, 117632 Moskva

Ad rate FPC: 92600.00 RUR
Advertising Phone no: xxxxx

Foundation year: 1996.
Language of publication: Russian.
No of pages: 156.

Profile: Magazine covering oil and gas projects, industry mergers and acquisitions, international projects, investments and industry events, and provides commentary, analysis and forecasts for oil and gas markets.

The Russian Energy weekly

Publisher: xxxxx
Phone number: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx
Frequency: weekly

Street address: B. Tishinsky per., 38, office 604, 123557 Moskva

Publication language: English. Annual subscription: 1560.00 USD.

Profile: The Russian Energy weekly targets managers of oil and gas companies as well as financial and consulting firms that deal mostly with investments in the upstream sector. The newsletter monitors the preparation and implementation of exploration and development projects and transportation infrastructure in Russia and Caspian nations. Each analytical story is usually a case study, made to illustrate and explain specifics of governmental policy and investment climate in the former USSR.

Neftyanoye khozyaistvo

Publisher: xxxxx
Phone number: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx
Frequency: monthly
Circulation: 10,000
Ad rate FPC: 120000.00. RUR. Format: 215x307mm. Advertising email: English name: Oil industry. Foundation year: 1920. Language of publication: Russian.
Profile: Scientific-technical professional magazine on oil exploration and oil technologies in Russia. Provides analytical and statistical information on all aspects of the oil industry in Russia, and its economic, financial and legal issues. Includes drilling, field development, production, preparation and transportation of oil, environment protection.

Azerbaijan was one of the birthplaces of the oil industry and is still a key oil and gas producer in the region. Caspian Energy is the flagship publication of the oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan, plus there are a few companies’ magazines in the country.

Caspian Energy

Publisher: xxxxx
Phone number: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx
Frequency: bi-monthly
Circulation: 10,000

Street address: ul. Jaffara Jabbarly 44, Baku AZ1065

Publication language: Russian, English.
Profile: The magazine covers oil strategy of Azerbaijan, the Caspian environment, economy, politics and energy industry. Includes implementation of energy and transport projects in the Caspian Sea region, metallurgy and machine-building in the CIS countries.

Romania has got some remaining oil resources sufficient for internal use and it has one of the largest refining industries in the region. We list all its trade publications covering petroleum industry.

Petroleum Industry Review

Publisher: xxxxx
Phone number: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx
Frequency: bi-monthly

Street address: Stefan cel Mare 40, Ploiesti Prahova 100568

Profile: Magazine, published in Romanian and English, targets those directly involved in oil and gas industry - manufacturers, suppliers, transporters, distributors, service providers, top managers and specialists. Includes interviews, reviews, editorials, latest information and articles on innovative technical solutions in oil and gas industry.

Kazakhstan is the second largest oil producer (after Russia) among all former Soviet republics and has got in its Caspian region large recoverable crude oil reserves. One of its most important publications is Petroleum next to Neft i Gaz Kazakhstana.


Publisher: xxxxx
Phone number: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx
Frequency: bi-monthly
Circualtion: 2,500

Street address: ul. Nauryzbay Batyra 58, 1st floor, office 12, 050000 Almaty

Annual subscription: 29000.00 KZT
Foundation Year: 2000.
Language of Publication: Russian, English.

Profile: Analytical bi-monthly journal for specialists operating in the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan. Provides information on current situation in the oil and gas industry and its prospects, interests of Kazakhstan and its corporations on the global oil and gas market.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Slavic media changes newsletter 65

All media changes are reflected in our media directory
Please contact us to subscribe to our services or inform us on your new media stories on or contact our publisher David Reade on
On your request we can produce any contacts’ distribution lists on your selected topics.

Polish travel magazine re-named

Polish travel magazine Polska Wita has been re-named recently for Witaj w Podrozy.
The changes also include the shift of their focus on articles describing some beautiful and the most interesting parts of the globe, offering close and far away expeditions, plus numerous ideas for weekend travels. It will also provides interviews with the celebrities on their travel experience.

Monika Wegrzyn, the editor-in-chief of the magazine and the editorial team can be contacted on

It is a bi-monthly publication with 60,000 copies' circulation.

Metro Cash & Carry Russia has launched a culinary magazine FoodKultur

Metro Cash & Carry Russia culinary magazine FoodKultur is to be published with 100,000 copies' circulation and distributed for free in Moscow and St.Petersburg.
The publication is aimed at teaching its readers the culture of choice, preparation and consumption of quality food.

Their Brands and Communications Director Vladislav Tikhomirov can be reached at

A new magazine in Czech city Brno

Daily Czech national newspaper MF DNES has launched a monthly regional lifestyle supplement City Dnes Brno with 20,000 circulation.

It is a guide to life in the South Moravian capital. It targets young active people
and visitors to the city Brno. Provides leisure, cultural, culinary and sporting events, city tours, shopping and other useful information. Includes calendar listings of major events in Brno.

The editorial team in Brno can be contacted on

Ukrainian online portal with a new editor

Svetlana Panyushkina has been appointed editor of Ukrainian website moving on from her editorial position at business and financial website Her duties at will be taken over by their financial editor Alexander Ruban. has been functioning since April 2007, providing latest news, opinions and comments. It has got around 1,200,000 unique visitors monthly who visit their 30 news sections.

Russian OK! magazine with a new Editor-in-Chief

Vadim Vernik has become Editor-in-Chief of OK! Russia magazine published by Axel Springer Russia. He has replaced Tatiana Saburenkova on this position, who has left the title. Nika Bagaeva has been appointed a Chief Editor of the publication after having served for 3 years as a deputy editor at the magazine(

The magazine has been published in Russia since November 2006 and provides latest news and facts from the life of Russian and international celebrities.

The editorial team of the magazine can be contacted on and on Twitter: