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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 62

Gazprom radio stations have a new Editor-in-Chief and Director General

Evgeniy Kombarov has been appointed Editor-in-Chief and Director General of City FM and Relax FM radio stations.

City FM covers Moscow city news with traffic reports and weather forecast, domestic and international news, and was launched in 2006 (
Relax FM provides soft and melodic music of New Age, Soft Pop, Smooth Jazz, Lounge and Contemporary Easy Listening (

City FM has around 300,000 listeners daily, with Relax FM having 215,000 people daily tuning to listen to it.

The Hollywood Reporter to appear in Russia

Russian edition of The Hollywood Reporter will be published monthly starting at the beginning of 2012 with 80,000 copies' circulation.

Ivan Kudryavtsev has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the new magazine covering cinema and film industry(

Ivan and the editorial team can be contacted on

Polish magazine Przekroj with a new Editor-in-Chief

Roman Kurkiewicz has succeeded Donat Szyller as the Editor-in-Chief of Polish lifestyle and society magazine Przekroj.

Przekroj comes out weekly with 30,000 copies' circulation.

The magazine writes about culture and society, social issues and politics and its editorial team can be reached at

Russian Izvestia newspaper without a Deputy Editor

Deputy Editor of Russian daily newspaper Izvestia Vladislav Vdovin has recently left his position. His replacement is to be announced shortly.

Izvestia is a daily national newspaper covering current news, international and home politics, culture, society, sports. It has got several supplements on business, banking, property, IT, health and cooking. It is distributed throughout Russia and CIS countries, and abroad with around 170,000 copies' circulation.

Alexander Malutin is still the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper and can be contacted on

Please refer to our media directory to view the editorial listing for Izvestia

Russian Forbes Online with a new Editor

Roman Badanin has taken up the job role of Online Editor at
( He started with his duties on December 22 and succeeded Grigory Punanov on this position. Prior to this Roman was Online Editor at

Badanin can be contacted on

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 61

Forbes edition has appeared in Georgia in Georgian language

Forbes magazine has started this month and is published in Georgia monthly by Media Partners CJSC with 3,000 copies' circulation.

The detailed information at

Russian St. Petersburg's business daily newspaper Delovoy Peterburg with a new Editor

The publisher of Delovoy Peterburg Bonnier Group has appointed Maxim Vasjukov the newspaper's new Editor-in-Chief.

Delovoy Peterburg is a regional newspaper from St. Petersburg covering business, economics, financial issues and society.
More information at

A new online portal for men in Poland

A new men's interest website has appeared in Poland.

The website covers technology, electronic gadgets,sports and other men's interest issues.

The Editor Dawid Nawrocki can be reached at

Jan Jirecek has been appointed Managing Director of Internet division at Sanoma Media Praha in Czech Republic

Jan Jirecek is a new Managing Director of Online Media at Sanoma Media Praha in Czech Republic. In this job role he succeeds Karin Vedrovou, who is leaving the company. Jan Jirecek can be reached at

Marek Stonis has joined the editorial team at Czech magazine Instinkt

Marek Stonis has joined Instinkt magazine as a Deputy Editor, moving on from his Deputy Editor's position at Reflex magazine.

Instinkt is a weekly magazine covering politics, society ans social issues and comes out every Thursday.

Continue reading at

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Media Focus Belarus

TimeCity magazine is a Belorussian lifestyle magazine focused on watches and luxury accessories.

It is published quarterly by TurInfo with 3,000 copies' circulation.

The magazine includes, apart from luxury watches' brands coverage and their history, the information on travel, wines, luxury hotels and high fashion.

The Editor-in-Chief Elena Taborova and the editorial team can be reached at

The FPC costs 1,500 USD and the magazine can been found on

Friday, 25 November 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 60

A new gastronomy magazine has appeared in Poland

Restauracja magazine covers catering and food service industry and targets restaurateurs, owners and managers of dining and catering companies, chefs and gastronomy industry staff.

The magazine is published bi-monthly by Polskie Wydawnictwa Specjalistyczne
ProMedia Sp. z o.o.

It comes out with 6,000 copies' circulation and FPC costs 4450.00 PLN.

The editorial team is led by the Editor-in-Chief Rafal Szubstarski and can be contacted on

Please refer to our media directory Slavic Media Online for full details on the magazine.

Lifestyle magazine Interview has come to Russia

Russian edition of a lifestyle monthly magazine Interview Russia has launched in November with 100,000 circulation.
The magazine has got online presence on Facebook: and Twitter:

The Editor-in-Chief Alena Doletskaya and the editorial team can be reached at

A new bi-monthly corporate realty newspaper has appeared in Russia

The first issue of corporate newspaper called Kaskad Family has been
published in Russia. It targets clients, partners and employees of the company. It will include coverage of all major events, awards in real estate, interviews with successful real estate companies and reports on Kaskad Family participation in industry exhibitions.

The director of Kaskad Family Boris Tsyrkin can be contacted on

Practical Photoshop Polska has started in Poland

It is a new bi-monthly magazine covering creative work in Photoshop and is aimed at developers and fans of digital photography and graphics. Practical Photoshop Poland contains 116 pages of visual tutorials, techniques and Photoshop usage tricks and tips.

The editor Rafal Gasinski can be contacted on

The magazine is published by AVT-Korporacja Sp. z o.o. with 9,000 copies' circulation.

Please refer to our media directory Slavic Media Online for more details on the magazine.

Men's monthly magazine Maxim re-launched in Poland

Polish publisher Ginza Media Group has re-activated men's lifestyle magazine Maxim on 144 pages with 126,000 copies' circulation.

You can find it on Facebook at

The Editor Robert Pienkowski and the editorial team expects reader's photos and articles on

Please refer to our media directory Slavic Media Online for more details on the magazine.

Czech publisher Sanoma Media with a new monthly magazine Kraus

Kraus is an entertainment monthly magazine with a wide range of topics: society, entertainment and social issues and is managed by Jan Kraus.

Jan Kraus is a Czech actor, presenter, journalist, playwright, director, author and entrepreneur.

The magazine will come out monthly with 80,000 copies' circulation.

Assistant Editor Hanna Stastna can be contacted on

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Media Focus Estonia

Today we are writing about a lifestyle magazine from Estonia Krasivaya Zhizn.

Krasivaya Zhizn was launched in 2010 and is published quarterly on 96+4 pages.
It is published in Russian language by The Baltic Triangle.

The magazine provides interviews with celebrities and covers cultural events, travel and holidays in Estonia and abroad, fashion, cosmetics and beauty, fashion accessories, cars, gastronomy, ideal home.

The magazine is present on Facebook at

The Editor-in-Chief Rodion Denissov and the editorial team can be contacted on

Friday, 11 November 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 59

Forbes has launched in Czech Republic this week

Forbes magazine has appeared in Czech Republic this week and is published by Business Consulting & Media. The first issue of the magazine was available in 2,300 retail outlets throughout the Czech Republic with 16,912 copies sold.

The magazine will be published monthly on 96 pages. FPC advertising is 220,000 CZK.

Continue reading at

Al Jazeera Balkans started its broadcasting this Friday, November 11

Al Jazeera Balkans from Sarajevo, now broadcasts for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia in their local languages. It covers news and current events in the region.

Continue reading at

Polish business newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna with a new Editor

Jadwiga Sztabinska has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and can be contacted on

Former Deputy editor Marcin Piasecki has moved on the ....

Continue reading at

A new TV channel launched in Bulgaria

BNT2, a national television covering regional news, launched recently in Bulgaria. It broadcasts 12 hours, with a target to make their programming 24-hours. Their Director/Editor Ekaterina Genova, who previously worked at BNT World Television, can be reached .....

Continue reading at

Editorial changes on Czech State TV

Petr Mrzena has become a new News Editor at Czech TV. He has taken over after Karel Novak left to join CT24 TV station.

Petr Mrzena has had experience working on Czech Television, but also as a News editor of TV Nova and a foreign .....

Continue reading at

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 58

Editorial changes at Polish daily Rzeczpospolita

Pawel Lisicki has left his position of the Editor-in-Chief of the Polish national daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

Tomasz Wroblewski has been appointed Acting Editor of business and economics newspaper. He can be contacted on

Rzeczpospolita covers business, economics and politics and comes out 6 times a week with over 220,000 copies' circulation.

Polish Newsweek has seen changes in its regular features

Polish publisher Ringier Axel Springer Polska introduces re-structuring of the editorial team of Newsweek Poland.

Please refer to directory to see the changes.

Newsweek Poland comes out with 112,000 copies' circulation.

Editorial team of Newsweek Polska can be reached at

Regional Polish newspaper Dziennik Polski without Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-Chief Piotr Legutko and Deputy Editor Marcin Baran have left Krakow daily newspaper Dziennik Polski. Dobroslaw Rodziewicz has also left the Opinions column at the newspaper.

Acting Editor Maciej Kwasniewski can be contacted on

Dziennik Poslki is published by Grupa Wydawnicza Polskapresse with 39,000 circulation.

Adria Media Serbia has launched a new website

Adria Media Serbia has started a new culinary and recipes website

Nina Arizanovic, Advertising director for online editions, can be reached at

The second issue of Latvian Intelligent Life is getting ready to be published shortly

AS Cits Medijs publisher has launched Latvian edition of Intelligent Life magazine with 10,000 copies' circulation.

The Advertising Director Liga Petersone can be contacted on

Monday, 17 October 2011

Media Focus Azerbaijan

Today we are focusing on a recently launched Azeri magazine SOCAR Plus.

The magazine is published quarterly by State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and covers oil and petroleum industry in Azerbaijan, society and culture.

Please read the full text at:

Friday, 14 October 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 57

New Russian health and beauty magazine launched

Russian publisher SweetGroup has launched a new health and beauty magazine Zdorovie. Krasota.

It will appear bi-monthly with 120,000 copies circulation and will be distributed in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

More information at

Edipresse Polska has started a new celebrities fortnightly magazine

A new fortnightly women's magazine Flesz has been launched by Polish publisher Edipresse Polska. Flesz is a magazine on lifestyle and celebrities.
The first issue has come out on 124 pages.........
More detailed information at

Polish motoring magazine Cars shut down

Polish magazine Cars, which has existed for 2 years on Polish market, has ceased.
It was published by the publisher Wydawnictwo Zwierciadlo with 15,000-16,000 copies.

Its Editor-in-Chief Wojtek Jakobczyk and the editorial team has gone freelancing.

Editorial changes at Russian Esquire magazine

Dmitri Golubovsky, the former Deputy Editor at Russian Esquire, has been appointed its Editor-in-Chief, after their Editor-in-Chief Filipp Bakhtin left the publication.

Esquire has been published by Sanoma Independent Media in Russia since 2005 with 135,000 copies' circulation.

Continue reading at

A new daily newspaper Dnevne novine in Montenegro

A new daily newspaper Dnevne novine has appeared in Montenegro.
The Greek publisher Media Nea and Restis group are behind its launch.
Their website will be at and they can be found on Facebook at

More information at

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 56

A newspaper for patients with cancer launched in Russia

A quarterly newspaper Ravnoye pravo na zhizn (Equal rights for life) has launched in Russia.

It will be distributed for free at chemists and is published with 3,000 copies' circulation.

It covers issues of cancer and .... Please read more at

A new shopping magazine for women in Belarus

A women's shopping magazine Pink covering fashion and beauty launched in Belarus with 10,000 copies' circulation.

The magazine .... Please

Russian TV guide TV7 ceased

Russian TV guide TV7 published by Rodionov Publishing House (IDR) has ceased with its October 3 issue due to some financial issues.

It has been published weekly with 176,000 copies' circulation.

A new owner and publisher of Russian daily newspaper Trud

The publisher of Russian daily newspaper Trud, the media Holding Media 3, has sold the newspaper to oil company Rosneft.

Valery Simonov has been appointed a new editor but other editorial changes have not been confirmed.

The newspaper comes out with 220,000 copies' circulation.

A new digital business magazine PROFIT launched in Ukraine

A digital business magazine PROFIT has been launched in Crimea in the Ukraine.

Continue reading at

A Bosnian and Macedonian editions of Grazia launched by Serbian Color Press Grupa

Grazia magazine covers latest fashion trends, provides exclusive interviews with celebs and showbiz news.

Both editions will appear on 132 pages. Chief editor of the magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Dejan Espek and the chief editor of the Macedonian Grazia is Maja Veljanovska.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 55

Russian edition of Women’s Health comes out in November

Russian publisher Sanoma Independent Media is to launch a Russian edition of Women’s Health in November this year. The magazine will cover healthy lifestyle, fitness, beauty, sex and relationships. It targets women in the age group 25 to 35, interested in health, nutrition, fashion and beauty, sports and active lifestyle.

The magazine will be published monthly with approx. initial circulation of 110,000 copies.

Margarita Tyrina has been appointed.....

Please continue reading at

Professionalnaya Poligrafiya is a new Russian magazine for printing industry

Professionalnaya Poligrafiya is a new Russian monthly magazine launched in St. Petersburg.

It is a professional analytical magazine covering printing and advertising industry, production and publishing of magazines and books, printing equipment.

Please continue reading at

Russian legal system explained in English language

Website Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) in English language launched in Moscow.

It covers Russian legal system, legal issues in Russia and abroad, legal reforms in Russia.

It targets legal community and .......


Condé Nast Traveller comes to Russia

Russian edition of Condé Nast Traveller launches in Russia with its October issue.

Condé Nast Traveller will be published monthly with 60,000 copies' circulation and distributed throughout all Russia, Ukraine and CIS. It covers travel and tourism, destinations and provides ideas for good holidays.

Alla Beliakova has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and .....


Editorial changes at Russian business newspaper Delovoy Peterburg

Maxim Vasjukov has been appointed the Acting Editor of St. Petersburg's business daily newspaper Delovoy Peterburg.

He took up this position on September 19, after its former Chief Editor Oleg Tretyakov left to join the media holding Ragrad, engaged in the creation of Internet TV Piter-TV.

The Online Editor of the portal DP.RU Alexey Dementiev is also......


Prompt change of the title of about to be launched Polish magazine

Polish publisher of a new political weekly Wprost Przeciwnie has decided to change its title to Wrecz Przeciwnie. The first issue of the magazine is supposed to go on sales on coming Monday.

The swift title change of the weekly is linked with the legal actions of the original magazine Wprost, and the Warsaw Regional Court has ordered the publisher to remove all similarities in its logo and website containing the word Wprost.

The first issue of Wrecz Przeciwnie comes out on September 26 with 120,000 copies.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 54

A new Editor-in-Chief at Russian Snob magazine

Sergey Nikolaevich has been appointed a new Editor-in-Chief at Russian magazine Snob. He has moved on from the position of a Deputy Editor of the publication.

Snob is the international culture, society, lifestyle and political magazine in Russia.

Nikolaevich has worked at various magazines, including Ogonyok, Kommersant, Domovoy, Elle, Madame Figaro and Citizen K. He can be reached at

Masha Gessen, their current Deputy Editor, will leave the magazine after its October issue.

Russian DTV TV changes its name

Russian DTV television channel is undergoing its re-branding. From October 1 the channel will begin broadcasting under its new name Perets (Pepper). They are about to change their programs, with a sharp and funny twist to reality television.

Their key focus will be on live shows, TV series, interviews with TV stars, sketch shows, satire, life in the capital and regions.

Their new PR director is Nadezhda Kuprina who can be contacted at

Philipp Bakhtin has stepped down as Chief editor of Russian Esquire

Philipp has served as Chief editor of the Esquire magazine since 2005, when the first issue of the Russian edition appeared. A new editor of the men's lifestyle magazine has not been appointed yet.

Their deputy Editor Dmitry Golubovsky can be contacted on

The magazine is published with 135,000 copies' circulation and 455,000 RUR FPC.

Maxim Sokolov has returned to Izvestia newspaper

Journalist Maxim Sokolov has returned to Izvestia newspaper which he left in 2010.
Maxim Sokolov is a Russian journalist, a columnist for the newspaper Izvestia and magazine Expert.
He has worked on television programs Namedni (NTV) and Press Express.
He writes his blog at

He can be reached at

Russian political magazine The New Times with a new Chief Editor

The Russian magazine The New Times has had some editorial changes with Ilya Barabanov, a former deputy chief editor, becoming a new Chief Editor and the Online Editor of the publication.

His place has been taken by Boris Younanov, who continues to head the department of World picture at The New Times.

Ilya Barabanov is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University. He has worked at Novaya Gazeta and Moscow News, and the online edition of

He can be reached at

The New Times is a weekly political magazine with 50,000 circulation.