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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Eastern European media changes newsletter 86

A new literary magazine in Poland
 A new Polish literary magazine Charaktery Pisma launched on May 15 with 6,000 copies. The editorial director Piotr Brysacz and the editorial team can be contacted on  

Editorial changes at Polish political weeklies

 Cezary Łazarewicz has moved from Newsweek Polska to the Polish weekly Wprost political newsdesk.
Anna Gromnicka has been appointed a culture editor at Polish weekly Wprost.

A new marketing magazine has appeared in Czech Republic
Czech publisher Empresa Media has launched a new weekly magazine MarketingSalesMedia.
Daniel Köppl leads the editorial team and can be reached at Follow them on Facebook at

Polish interior design magazine with a new editor
The Polish interior design magazine Dom & Wnętrze, after being acquired by a new publisher Agora SA, has got a new acting editor Iwona Kmita. You can find them on Facebook at

New editor at marketing magazine published by Czech publisher Mladá fronta
Czech publisher Mladá fronta has appointed Radek Polák the editor of a monthly marketing magazine Strategie:

The editor Radek Polák can be contacted on

Regional Russian TV station with a new editor
Alla Anodina has been appointed editor-in-chief of Russian regional TV station in Omsk city Antenna 7. Get in touch with their news team on

A news daily newspaper has appeared in Ukraine

A daily newspaper Vesti has launched in Ukraine with 350,000 copies' circulation. They have got a huge social media presence, including Facebook: and Twitter:
The editorial team can be contacted on

Andrey Konyakhin has become online editor at
The former deputy editor at Russian print business newspaper Kommersant Andrey Konyakhin has become the online editor of its internet edition.

Computer Bild magazine comes to Ukraine
Ukrainian publisher Burda-Ukraina has launched Computer Bild magazine in Ukraine:

Editorial changes at Burda-Ukraina publisher's magazines

Ukrainian publisher Burda-Ukraina has appointed Olga Bezsonova editor-in-chief of a weekly entertainment and celebrities magazine Otdokhni!:
The new editor and editorial team can be reached at
The same publisher has appointed Olga Tkachenko editor-in-chief of the magazine MINI:

MINI is a monthly women's interest glossy magazine covering lifestyle and fashion and coming out with 75,000 copies' circulation. The new editor and the editorial team can be contacted on You can find them on Facebook at

A new newspaper launched in Poland
Polish left-wing daily newspaper Dziennik Trybuna launched with 40,000 copies' circulation. The editorial team is led by editor-in-chief Robert Walenciak: Follow them on Facebook: