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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Eastern European media changes newsletter 76

Editorial changes at the Polish cinematographic magazine Film
 Tomasz Raczek has been appointed editor-in-chief of Polish magazine Film. It is a monthly magazine with 70,000 circulation and is published  by Media Point Group and appears since 1946. Tomasz Raczek can be reached at

Russian health and medical magazine with a new editor
Alina Tulchnskaya leads the editorial team of Russian health magazine Zdorovie. She and her editorial team can be contacted on The magazine has been published monthly since 1955 and currently has got circulation of 170,000 copies. It covers health, medicine, fitness, dieting ang healthy lifestyle.

New magazine launch in Czech Republic
Czech publisher ČESKÝ DOMOV has launched monthly regional magazine Naše Praha 10 with 50,000 circulation. Facebook:

Regional events guide comes to Russian West Siberian city Kurgan
 Russian publisher Paramon has launched the events and entertainment city guide Vybirai in Kurgan with 5,000 circulation. The director Vera Chernyaeva oversees the management of the editorial team and the magazine's distribution (

 Lifestyle magazine in Czech Republic

Czech monthly lifestyle magazine Bel Mondo has been launched with 45,000 circulation in Prague by Respekt Publishing a.s. The magazine covers fashion, food and eating out, new technologies, culture and architecture. Petr Třešňák leads the editorial team and can be contacted on The magazine can be found at or Twitter:

Katja Šeruga appointed editor-in-chief of Večer
 Katja Šeruga joins Slovenian newspaper VEČER (Maribor) as their editor-in-chief. She starts at the newspaper on November 10, moving on from POP TV (