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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Slavic media changes newsletter 53

Czech business newspaper Hospodarske noviny with a new supplement

Czech daily newspaper Hospodarske noviny, covering business and economics, is having a new weekly supplement HN Praha. It will come out every Tuesday on 32 pages.

HN Praha covers politics and public affairs in the capital of Czech Republic, city transport, local economics, culture, real estate market and healthy lifestyle.

The Editor-in-Chief of the publication is.....

Changes in the Russian publishing house C-Media

Russian publishing House C-Media has bought the magazine Audiomagazin dedicated to home audio equipment of High End category.

It is a monthly publication launched in 1993. Read more at

A new Polish political weekly Wprost Przeciwnie starts on September 19

Polish magazine Wprost Przeciwnie will cover politics, society, business, science and history and will be available at

The first issue is expected.....

A new business magazine for women launched in Ukraine

The first issue of ForbesWoman, a business magazine for women, has appeared in Ukraine. The Editor-in-chief of the publication is Victoria Fedorina.
The magazine comes out ....

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